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India and the Contemporary World I Textbook of history for Class 9th deal how the history of India is interconnected with the other countries. How certain things happening in another part of country influencing other parts. Chapters of History are very long. It is not possible to revise the whole chapters within a short period of time therefore, we have provided the History Class 9 Notes here. We have also given Notes of History for Class 9th in PDF so that you can found them easily when you need. Click on the chapter name of notes in the list you want to view.

Class 9th History textbook deals with modern parts of history. Both India and the World. CBSE has used case studies of various countries and India and connects them with India. The textbook has pointed out the happenings that have shaped the culture, ideas and economy of India. The textbook also talks about the various communities living in various regions.

The book consists of eight chapters which are subdivided into three sections. The last section named 'Everyday Life, Culture and Politics' which consists of last two chapters is not included in the syllabus so we do not have to study that portion. The first section 'Events and Processes' deals with the French revolution, Russian revolution, introduction of socialism in Europe and rise of Hitler in Germany. The second section' Livelihoods, Economies and Societies' deals with the lives of people living in forests, pastoralists and the peasants and farmers.

Now, have a look at each chapter.

Chapter 1- French Revolution

This chapter deal how ideas of liberty, freedom and equality came in the human history. This chapter will trace the history of these rights. We will look at the Revolution that happened in France in 1789 which ended the monarchy in France. After that various right such as equality and freedom was granted to its citizens. These rights set a new benchmark in human history.

Chapter 2- Socialism in Europe and Russian Revolution

The chapter is about the coming of socialism in Europe. We will see those events which forced the ruling monarch, Tsar Nicholas II, to give up power. Also, after the Russian Revolution, how new formed Soviet government tackle the problems. The ideals of socialism also inspired many colonial countries.

Chapter 3- Nazism and the Rise of Hitler

This chapter is wholly dedicated to events that happened after the first world war in Germany. How Hitler rose to power and became a dictator. We will also see horrific stories of the massacre and the philosophy of Nazism.

Chapter 4- Forest Society and Colonialism

This chapter will give detailed information about what happened in the forest areas of two countries India and Indonesia during the period of the nineteenth century. These are colonised countries at that time and their colonisers adopted various techniques to used forest land and product for their own benefits. This troubled the people who were residing in the forests and earning their livelihood from it.

Chapter 5-  Pastoralists in the Modern World

In this chapter, we will see the movements of the pastoralists in the mountains and deserts, in the plains and plateaus of India and Africa. Also, we will look at how their lives change in colonisation times.

Chapter 6-  Peasants and Farmers

This chapter will aware us about the changes in the lives of peasants and farmers. We will look on the developments in India, England and the USA. How different groups of people affected with the coming of new technology and demands.

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 History

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