Download Solution of CBSE Class 12 Board Exam Question Paper of English 2017

Section-A (Reading)
(a) (ii) no one stared at him.
(b) (ii) Heaven Lake
(c) (iv) there were thick quilts on the bed.
(d) (ii) a shining prism

(e) The two things that made the narrator uncomfortable are the overpowering smell of the goat's cheese being eaten by the man sitting behind and the leaking of the bus windows.

(f) A few cattle drink at a clear stream flowing past moss-covered stones made the scene look like a Constable Landscape.

(g) As the bus climbed higher, the narrator regretted of not bring anything warm to wear.

(h) The narrator liked to buy food from outside as the kababs, cooked on skewers over charcoal braziers were good, highly-spiced and well-done.

(i) The pair of trousers lent by Mr. Cao are several sizes too large but more than comfortable.

(j) Mr. Cao did not like the narrator to swim in the lake because many people drowned there.

(k) (i) vendors

(a) (ii) army officer
(b) (iv) give company to officers

(c) Thackeray came to Kittur to terrorise and the rulers and people of Kittur so that they would lay down their arms.

(d) Kittur officials refused to give the desired assurance to Thackeray as no documents could be signed without sanction from Rani Chennamma.

(e) When the Horse Artillery stormed into the fort, Sardar Gurusiddappa, who had kept his men on full alert, commanded his men to chase them away. The Kittur forces made a bold front and overpowered the British forces.

(f) The Kittur soldiers had captured forty persons, including twelve children and a few women. For the women and children, Rani had only gentleness. She took them inside the palace and gave them food and shelter.

(g) The British women were touched by this gentle and noble gesture of the Rani. They would have felt safe and secured.

(h) The Rani refused to meet Thackeray because he had come with an army to threaten Kittur into submission to British sovereignty.

(i) (i) stormed
​      (ii)defiant

Section-B (Writing)


Fort Road Chennai

Dated: 10/03/1993

P V Satish
House No X, Street Y
City Z

Respected Sir,

Subject: Reply to wedding Invitation

I am so obliged that you consider me as guest to attend wedding of you Sister Jaya. I have my pre-board exam scheduled on the day of wedding. So I will not be able to be the part of your sister’s wedding  for which I regret.
It will be a great favour, if you convey my best regards to Jaya for her prosperous wedding life.

Thanking you

Yours Sincerlly,

Wanted a Suitable Job in IT
I am Vikram. I am an electronics engineer. I have 3 years of experience in IT in ABC tech in Sillicon Valley, USA.  I have been a team leader for many  projects.  Being an electronics engineer I have delt with software as hardware systems during my Curium. I am honest toward my work I want a decent Job in IT with designation Senior Java Developer. I am able to relocate anywhere in India. 
Excepected Sallery: 50 Lacs p.a.
Contact No: + 91 93010203

Mountview  Public School

Dated: 10/03/2017

Education for All

Respected Sir,

Subject: Regarding Fund for new blackboards

Your NGO is an important part of our school whose presence has always helped our institution to develop bright future of our country.
You will be glad to know that our school is doing very well in academics and sports as well. This year maximum of students has achieved distinction.  Our school team has won interschool basketball championship.  The results will keep on improving if your NGO will keep your blessings continued.
 I will like to draw your attention toward the improper conditions of blackboards we are having.  The quality of blackboard was low because of low budget of our school we had initially.  Few blackboards in our class has been broken. Few blackboards are broken and most are about to break. Some of them do not get cleaned properly with dusters. Teachers are continuously complying about the bad quality of black board. Students are also getting poor visibility.
Therefor I request you to generate more funds this time as we can replace all the defected black boards with better ones, in our school.  The good quality of black boards will ensure white future of students.  Our school will be honored to get this help from your NGO.

Yours Sincerely
Shewta Pandit

112 Mount Road,

Dated: 10/03/2017

The Editor
Chennai Times
XYZ, Chennai

Respected Sir,

Subject: Regarding NBT Book Fair

Your newspaper is known for its informative and authentic content regarding events in the city. I am a regular subscriber of your newspaper. I want to share my experiences of one of the best events we are having now a days in our city by the means of your Newspaper.
The National Book Trust has arranged a book fair in the city in ABC ground. The book fair is very large in terms of publishers and equally brilliant in the way it has been organized.  The book fair has vast range of books of the relevant topics. It has competitive books for engineering and medical entrances as well as for government jobs preparation.   The book fair is full of all famous literatures  ranging from classics of Shakespeare, Alexendar Maron,  Rabindranath Tagore , R K Narayana to todays famous author Chetan Bhagat.  Some books are their which are available in book fair are available are translated in various languages like Hindi, English, Tamil Kannada, which are very rare in Chennai’s book store. The book fair is a platform for all of Chennai citizens to explore their interest. I suggest that every one of us should have a visit to the book fair.
With your Newspaper I also want to thanks to the National Book Trust for organizing this wonderful book fair in our city.

Yours Sincerely,

 What I want to be In My Life
“Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep.” This is the famous quoate of our former President Dr Abdul Kalam azad. I follow his words whole heartedly. The ambition, the dream is that thing that will keep you full of life and keep you motivated to achieve, the things which define an individual.
My dream is to be an IAS officer and serve my country being at a responsible and dignified position. What made me feel to have this dream? The  motive has its own importance in deciding your goal. My motive is not to enjoy the power of the position, or not to enjoy the handsome salary I will be getting after that, definitely these are side factors and yes money that we get is important for survival. I want to serve my country by my administrative skills. The administration at my school societies was the thing I always like.
Apart from motive other factor is Will.  It is true we are living in a competitive world and everyone might not get chance to achieve their dream, then how should one be motivated for his dream? The thing is you should give your 100 percent. If you will give your full effort to your dream, then there are chances that you may succeed ar you may not. But definitely not if you not try.  You should never quit.
In order to achieve your dream you minimum requirements are to follow your intuitions ,your wisdom, your will and  have to develop the quality to not give up.

Visit to Nalanda: Pioneer of glorified History of Bihar                               
By Ananth
Dated: 12/03/17

As being the head of history society of school we made a visit to Nalanda. Nalanda university is one of the most famous ancient universities. It also comes under the UNESCO worlds heritage site.
We started our journey on march 2nd 2017 by arriving at Patna Airport. The 95 km journey of Patna to Nalanda took us 3 hours.  First sight we visited was the ruins of the Nalanda University. This university has a glorified history. Nalanda was visited was prominent personalities like jain and Buddha.  The university was developed during Guptas and flourished. It was famous for its teaching methods. The scholars from  China, Japan, Korela visited Nalanda University to gain knowledge. It is also famous for its architecture.  Now  this great university is left only with its remains which is a very famous heritage site. The nearby Rajgir is also an important site to visit. Once upon a time it was the capital of great ancient Magadh empire.

Dear Friends, respected teachers and honorable Principle Maam’ , on this last day before holi we are here, I will like to deliver a speech on this occasion. Since the colorful festival holi is here for all of you this speech is regarding the festival.

Holi is the festival of colors, the festival of happiness, the festival we play which signifies the victory of purity of mind over impure one. It is the festival of joy that most of you will like to enjoy the fullest with your friends and family members. But definitely there are some who do not like to play with colors, may be due to some allergy or may be some other reasons. They have right to celebrate it or not. And the real spirit or the real moto of celebration of holy is to make ensure that one has choice to follow his faith. It is usually seen people through colors even muds at unknown persons who are not willing to. This is wrong and against the spirit of the festival. I wish all my friends will not participate in this kind of unwanted activities and it will be great if you stop anyone doing so.

So, I will conclude with the word that enjoy the festival fully in true spirit.

Thank you for listing and Happy Holi to all of you.

Human beings are considered as most dominant and civilized living beings present in the planet. The great power brings great responsibility. It is the history of human kind says the one who dominate and dictate society in its own ways and in undemocratic manner to fulfill individual comfort was demolished.

Today human beings is the one who can dominate any other species by his wisdom. But now we have started behaving like irresponsible and uncivilized. Killing dogs in sleep is utter level of cruelty we are keep on showing. The dogs are savior of our houses and society. Yes there are instances that some of them have started misbehaving and biting people around. But killing definitely is not the option.

The dogs are creature who is loyal to whom it love. The can be handled with care and affection. The dogs bite can be cured although it is undesirable but it is avoidable by human beings using proper methods. You can make them believe that we are not going to harm them. In worst case we can scare them and may harm them a bit, but killing is definitely not the way to handle situation.

This needed to be stopped as this is against human civiliastion.
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