Three Men in a Boat Class 9th-Chapter 8 Summary and Quick revision Notes English

Harris and Jerome stopped near willow tree by Kempton Park to lunch. A gentlemen came there and blackmailed them. He said that they were trespassing and it was his duty to turn them off. Harris asked him how he would accomplish his task. He went away saying that he would consult his master. However, he didn’t came back. Jerome and Harris were angry. Jerome wanted to kill the owner but Harris wanted to kill him, his family, relatives and burn down his house. Harris calmed himself by singing a comic song.

Harris thinks himself as a good singer but all his friends knew that he could not sing, and would never be able to sing, and that he should not be allowed to sing. Jerome reminded of an incident which threw light on the inner working of human mind.

Jerome was at a fashionable and highly cultured party. Two young students who had come back from Germany said that Herr Slossenn Boschen will sing his great German comic song and everyone agreed. When he sat down to the piano and began to sing, the prelude suggest that it was a tragic pathetic song with soulful music. Jerome didn’t understand German so he followed the two young man. When they tittered, he tittered; when they roared, he also roared. Most of the seemed to be doing the same. The German professor singing the song did not seem happy and he got angry. He got up, swore at them, and then danced and shook his fists. He said that he had never been so insulted in all his life. The song was about a young girl who had given up her life to save her lover's soul. The two young men who had done this thing disappeared. Party ended and nobody even said goodnight to one another.

They reached Sunbury Lock at half-past three and sculled up to Walton and went past Oatlands Park where Henry VIII lived. The late Duchess of York who lived at Oatlands was very fond of dogs. She had a special graveyard made for the large number of dogs she had kept. They rowed to reach Weybridge where they saw George. Montmorency gave a furious bark, Jerome shrieked and Harris roared. George was carrying a parcel which was revealed that it was a banjo which he wanted to play.

Quick Revision Notes:

• A gentlemen blackmailed them for trespassing when they stopped for lunch at Kempton Park.

• Harris and Jerome got angry on him and he ran away.

• Harry thought himself to be a good singer but he was a poor one.

• Jerome reminded of cultured party where two students who returned from Germany suggested that German professor will sing a comic song.

• He was singing a sad song but everyone was laughing as they understood nothing.

• The professor felt insulted and the party was over without saying goodnight.

• They reached Sunbury Lock and sculled up to Walton and went past Oatlands Park.

• They saw George at Weybridge who was carrying banjo with him.

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