The Story of My Life Class 10th-Chapter 5 Summary and Quick revision Notes English

This chapter contains the description of Helen’s experiences during the summer of 1887. She continued exploring objects with her hands. She learned name of many objects. Her knowledge about the world was increasing day by day.

The teacher took her to the banks of the Tennessee River. Helen got the first lessons of nature there. She learned how nature works such as how the sun and the rain help the plant in growing, how birds build their nests, how animals get food. She felt the beauty of nature.

One day while travelling, they stopped under a tree which was short distance from her house. Her teacher helped Helen to climb up a tree. They decided to have lunch there so, Miss Sullivan went to house to fetch the food. Suddenly, the weather changed and a thunderstorm started which created fear in Helen. Trees started to swing. She was afraid that she would fall but Miss Sullivan arrived at that moment and helped her down. This time she came to know about another face of nature which was not very beautiful. Nature is also destructive.

After this experience, she climbed another tree after a long time. One day, she was lured to climb a ‘Mimosa tree’ by its beautiful fragrance. She could not resist and climb the branches of the tree. She kept on climbing higher and higher until she reached a little seat somebody had built there. She spent many happy hours there.

Quick Revision Notes:

• Helen continued her exploration with her hands and started increasing knowledge day by day.

• She learnt about the working of nature and experienced its beauty on banks of the Tennessee River with her teacher.

• One day, Helen and her teacher decided to do lunch under tree. Her teacher went to fetch the lunch and helped Helen in climbing the tree.

• But weather changed suddenly and thunderstorm appeared. She feared but soon teacher came and helped her in getting down.

• By this incident, she understood that nature is also destructive.

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