The Story of My Life-Question and Answers based on Themes and Plots Part-II Term-II| Class 10th

Question: 8. How did Anne Sullivan make Helen understand the meaning of word ‘Love’?

Miss Sullivan was a great teacher for Helen. One day, when Helen brought early violets for her teacher. She gently put her arm around Helen and spelled on her hand, “I love Helen”. Helen asked her “What is love?” Miss Sullivan drew her closer and pointed towards her heart and told her that love is here. Helen felt the beat of heart first time but couldn’t understand the meaning of love. She was disappointed that her teacher couldn’t show her the love.

Once, Helen was arranging the beads in symmetrical pattern but found it difficult. Miss Sullivan touched her forehead and spelled ‘think’. Helen quickly understood that the word was the name of process that was going her head. This was her first conscious perception of an abstract idea. Miss Sullivan explained her that love is like the clouds that we cannot touch the clouds but when it rains, flowers and thirsty earth feel glad to have it. We cannot touch love but can feel the sweetness that it pours into everything. Without love no one can be happy. This made Helen understood the meaning of love.

Question: 9. Helen was accused of plagiarism. The allegation of plagiarism sometimes suffocates a budding writer. Comment.

Helen wrote a story called ‘Autumn Leaves’ later the title changed to ‘The Frost King’. Later, it was found that the story is similar to an existing work named ‘The Frost Fairies’. She was accused of plagiarism.

Plagiarism means stealing someone else’s work and passing them off as one's own. Copying word by word is a serious crime and invites punishment. If anyone do this, he/she is not a budding writer.

Taking some idea from literary works is not a crime. Every writer can research previously published literary works. Every novel or books is based on some existing ideas.

The allegation of plagiarism make the budding writer depress. He starts thinking that he can’t do anything of his own. He suffers a lot which take away all of his creativity.

Question: 10. How did Helen realize that she is different from other people?

Helen was deaf and blind after a mysterious illness occurred to her. She realized that she was different from other people before her teacher came to her. She had noticed that her mother and friends did not use signs as she did when they wanted anything done, but talked with their mouths. Sometimes she stood between two persons who were conversing and touched their lips. She could not understand and was vexed. She moved her lips and gesticulated frantically without result. This made her so angry at times that she kicked and screamed until was exhausted.

Question: 11. Describe the winter landscape Helen found in New England village.

After her visit to Boston, Helen spent almost every winter in the North. Once she went to visit New England Village. The lakes are frozen and there were vast snow fields. She never saw such treasures of snow before. She found trees were almost stripped leaving only a few wrinkled leaves on them. The birds had flow and their empty nests were filled with snow. Snow was hill and field. All life seemed to have reduced.

Another day, a snowstorm came. All rushed outside to feel the tiny flakes of ice. In the evening, a wind from the northeast came and flakes flew in various directions. At night, the wind became furious and thrilled them with unsure terror. The trees around the house pulled and rattled and beat against the windows and they can hear them creaking and breaking.

On third day, the snow reduced. The sun broke through the clouds. The trees stood motionless. When the rays of sun fell upon the trees, the twigs sparkled like diamonds. Helen enjoyed herself in a snowfall.

Question: 12. What cause Helen to take dive in the cold water? What happened after she plunged into cold water?

Helen was delighted to know that she and her teacher should spend their vacation at Brewster, on Cape God. Her mind was full of prospective joys and the wonderful stories she had heard about the sea. She had always lived far inland. She also read a big book called ‘Our World’ a description of the ocean which filled her with wonder and intense desire to touch the mighty sea. All these things caused Helen to take dive in the cold water.

Once at the sea shore, she plunged into the sea water without any fear. She was enjoying it until her foot struck against a rock and the water rushed over her head. She found no proper thing to hold as there was nothing except water and sea weeds. However, she was fortunate that waves threw her back on the shore where her teacher picked her up in the arms.

Question: 13. Describe Helen’s First Christmas after Miss Sullivan’s arrival in Tuscumbia.

The first Christmas after Miss Sullivan’s arrival was a great even for Helen. Everyone in her family prepared was planning surprises for Helen. She was also preparing her surprises with her teacher. They kept up a guessing game which taught Helen more about the use of language. They played the guessing game every evening which grew more and more exciting as Christmas approached.

Helen was invited by the Tuscumbia schoolchildren to their decorated Christmas tree. She danced and jump around the tree in an excitement. She gave gifts to other children.

She also wanted to know what she was to receive on that occasion. In the morning, when she got up she found a lot of gifts for her. She was most delighted by her teacher’s gift which is a canary. She enjoyed Christmas Eve a lot.

Question: 14. Why did Helen call her Pony ‘Black Beauty’?

Helen had her pony at Fern Quarry. She named the pony ‘Black Beauty’ as she had just finished the book named ‘Black Beauty: The autobiography of a Horse’. Her pony resembled his namesake in every way from his glossy coat tot the white star on his forehead. She also spent many happiest hours on her pony’s back.

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