Three Men in a Boat Class 9th-Chapter 1 Summary and Quick revision Notes English

There were three friends George, William Samuel Harris (Harris) and Jerome (Jerome), the narrator sitting in the narrator’s room with the dog, Montmorency. They were smoking and discussing about their health problems.

George and Harris thought that they suffered from fits of giddiness while the narrator thought that he is suffering from liver disorder after reading a patent liver-pill circular. Jerome told them that when he visited British Museum and consulted medical dictionary, he discovered that he had symptoms of every diseases except housemaid’s knee. He thought that medical student would not have to go to the hospital if they had him as a patient.

When the narrator rushed to his doctor friend, he found that the doctor prescribed him beefsteak, beer, 10 mile walking and sleep at 11 sharp every night when chemist refused to give him medicines. The narrator told them that he was lazy due to liver pain even as a boy and his family member clumped him on his head due to that. The friends decided for a vacation to get rid of their health problems. The narrator avoids the idea of sea trip given by them. George suggests taking a boat trip down the Thames which everyone liked. Only Montmorency, the dog didn’t liked the idea but his objection was ruled out.

Quick Revision Notes

• Four friends: George, William Samuel Harris (Harris), Jerome (J) and the dog, Montmorency were sitting in the room and discussing health problems.

• Jerome though he was suffering liver disorder as well as all the diseases except housemaid’s knee when he consulted medical counselor.

• Jerome was prescribed for changing the daily routine instead of taking pills.

• They decided for a boat trip to Thames but Montmorency didn’t like it.

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