Format for writing Formal Letters with example according to CBSE new pattern

According to CBSE curriculum, students have been suggested to use a particular type of formal letter format. They have introduced a new letter format by just replacing the Subject part below the Salutation. However, students can also use the earlier format of the letter. The sources of writing a letter had never been official and just based on the government school format like KVS. We are giving the examples of both format of formal letter as per rule by CBSE. Students can use any of them as both the format are in use and no marks will be deducted in using any of the two formats. Students have the choice to use 'To' as per their wish.

Format of formal letter as per CBSE

Question: You are Rahul Raj of Sector-B, Municipal cooperative colony, Andheri, Mumbai-400005. Write a letter to the editor of the newspaper HT Times, Nageshwar Vihar Colony, Mumbai-400001 complaining against the bad condition of roads in your community.


Municipal cooperative colony,
Andheri, Mumbai-400005

Dated: 5th May'16

The Editor,
HT Times,
Nageshwar Vihar Colony,


Subject: Bad condition of roads in our locality.

Through the columns of your prestigious daily, I am Rahul raj wants to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards the bad condition of roads in our locality. The main road in our society is in deplorable condition. This road is used by many people and vehicles and serve as link between two main societies of our city and due to this, a lot of pressure of vehicles on this road. During the rainy season, potholes are filled with water which create immense troubles to the pedestrians. These potholes also become the breeding place of mosquitoes which are proving hazardous to the health of the society. Several serious accidents have already happened. Hundreds of letter already written to the Municipal but no action have been taken. This road require urgent repairing.

Therefore, by your newspaper i want to draw the attention so that concerned authorities take immediate action. Hope this letter will find a suitable column in your daily and prove as an eye opening instrument for the competent authorities.

Thanking You,
Yours sincerely,
Rahul Raj

Points to be noted while writing:

• While writing a letter to the Editor, only Sir/Madam should be used.
• In all other formal letters excluding Editor, Respected Sir/Madam or Dear Sir/Madam should be used whichever necessary.
• Stick to the point while writing the body or main content of the letter and tell the incidence clearly.
• Body of the letter must be end in two para. First para containing the elaborated incidence or the reason for writing the letter and second para contains the conclusion and ending point.

Format for writing Informal Letters with example
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