Solution of Previous Year Question Paper Class 10th Course 'B' Summative Assessment II 2015

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Section - A (Reading)

1.1 (a) When followed by predators, kangaroos submerge themselves to the chest (standing) and attempt to drown the attacker by holding him underwater.

(b) The powerful hind legs help kangaroos to carry themselves over the ground in jumps of 9 m or more at a time.

(c) Kangaroos are mainly found in Australia and are big footed marsupials.

(d) They use their front legs to scratch themselves, to clean their fur and to hold branches when they eat leaves.

(e) Kangaroos warn others of danger by beating the ground with their hind feet.

(f) The secret of kangaroos to stay cool is to drool and lick saliva all over their faces.

(g) They use their tails to hold themselves in balance and support themselves when they sit or fight against kangaroos.

(h) Before becoming 'joeys' the young ones overstay in the safety of the pouch and they eat, sleep and grow in it for the next 225 days or so only leave the pouch when they reach full development.

2.1. (a) It is rare to find someone with good technical and communication skills We can get far ahead of our colleagues if we combine the two early in our career. People will judge, evaluate, promote or block us based on our communication skills. Thus, in order to reach great heights in our lives, it is important for us to have good communication skills.

(b) Since habits form by repeating both good and bad forms of communication, we must learn to observe great communicators and learn their styles and traits - in written and verbal forms.
                    The art of listening and learning from each and every interaction is another secret recipe. We must develop the subconscious habit of listening to ourselves. as we speak and known when to pause.

(c) Learning what not to say, according to the writer, is probably more important than learning what to say. As our career develops, we realise that wise speak less. We must speak when we have value to add else refrain. We must avoid making grammatical errors and writing improperly structured emails, especially while communicating with elders.
                   We must avoid communication in an emotional state when we might say something we will regret later. Such is the power of words. In case such an event takes place we must apologise.

(d) Adding humour and wit is also essential. But we must realise that not all jokes are funny and observe certain boundaries. We must never say anything to offend someone.

2.2 (a) (i) estimate
(b) (ii) quality
(c) (ii) speak
(d) (iii) trouble

Section - B (Writing and Grammar)

3.                                              Are we really ultimate species? - (Time to think)
(by Rama)

" No matter how hard we try, we cannot about everything, for it is once in a lifetime that you come across something that truly opens your eyes and you realise that everything you believed in until was a gigantic hoax and that there is always more to the story or picture than what appears to be." I was reminded of these lines when I stood middle of the land of snow and ice watching the dim sunlight making way through the canopy of trees and the sad sight of the ice caps melting seemed to take away all the beauty of the place.
We often things for granted and think of ourselves as the greatest example of evolution on earth. In our drive to the ultimate species, we have become horribly self-centered, caring little about the environment around us and what effects our actions have on the environment. Little do we realise that without the environment and its well-being, there will be no 'us', for it is our duty to co-exist with the forces of nature peacefully and harmoniously. The threat of global warming is very real and our misdeeds have already begun to show their ill-effects. The excessive emission of carbon in the atmosphere, reckless cutting of trees on a large scale and use of automobiles has released emissions in the atmosphere that disturb the natural balance of cycle of nature which is also the reason why there are ultimately rain-showers and droughts and floods in places. If this continues then pretty soon the entire mankind will be wiped from the surface of the earth because we all know about the all-pervasive power of nature and ephemeralities of mankind.
Therefore, I think it is time we start doing something about it. As students we can urge our elders to use more eco-friendly transport, to not burn firewood, to minimise the use of aerosols or anything that contributes to environment degradation. We need to follow three R's - Reuse, Reduce, Recycle and take steps forward for better future.
                                                                The future awaits us with a gold mine of resources and benefits for those who wish to co-exist peacefully and use what the environment or nature has to offer at optimum levels. So, it's finally to stop thinking and start doing!

OR The Best Mom

Aravind was distracted. He couldn't concentrate in the class. The incident which had happened in the morning had shattered him. Aravind felt dizzy at the very thought and covered his face with hands as if to save himself from the horror of his thoughts. Ever since Aravind's father died in his mother was his only family. He died before Aravind could get to know him better and so his mother was the only family he knew. Lately, his mother had become very protective of him and felt the urge to question his every action and prevented him from going out with his friends. On the morning in question, he had an argument with his mother about the same. What started off as a mere spark escalated wild fire and Aravind stormed out of the house leaving his mother almost in tears as he slammed the door behind him and walked out. He questioned his mother's integrity and cursed her for ruining his life. Now that an hour had passed by he realised how wrong he was. H couldn't get himself to think about how badly he had hurt his mother. He felt as if the ground was slipping beneath his feet and he was choking on foot. He thought of various ways to make amends with his mother and finally came up with a brilliant idea, He knew that what he had done could not be compensated for by a simple apology but he decided to give it a try.
When he went back home with heavy steps each speaking of the guilt and shame that hung over him, he did not find his mother at home. He wrote a letter to his mom saying how sorry he was about how he acted and that he promised to never repeat it. He bought flowers for her and left the letter and flower at her desk. When his mom came back from work, he hide himself behind the curtains to note her expression after reading it. Within five minutes he noticed her crying and rushed to give her hug and whispered in her ear,"You are the best mom ever".

5. (a) (iii) a
(b) (ii) by
(c) (iii) for

Error Correction
on through
successful success
wants want
for to
or and
parts part
is be
does do

7. (a) We saw a yellow coloured bus full of excited children.
(b) We guessed they were on the way to the planetarium,
(c) This was the part of their study tour.

Section - C (Literature)

8. (a) The ghost/phantom named Helen speaks three words to John Hallock.

(b) Helen and the other ghosts, who were part of Writer's Inspiration Bureau used to help writers by providing them inspiration to write and give them ideas to write, but now that the were giving strike they decided to stop providing them with this assistance.

(c) 'Bothering' means troubling or asking for something.

9. (a) The sheer devastating power and overtaking wings of the ocean wave/sea wave had forced the ship in the southward (extreme) direction, far away from its destination so much that the ship looked like victim trying to run away from its enemy with enemy's shadow still falling on it. This change in direction took them to the land of ice and mist. There was ice all around floating in the form of cliffs appearing like emeralds due to the reflection of surface water. The atmosphere was dismal and disheartening making them devoid of hope. In such unpleasant circumstances, the Albatross came from the land of mist and fog and to the Christian sailors aboard, it seemed to be a 'Christian soul' bringing hope to them just like Jesus had brought new hope to the world. It was the only living creature they had spotted in a long time and it was only after his arrival that the favourable south winds started blowing and the ship set sail again as the ice cracked.

(c) Decius Brutus was one of the conspirators who wanted Caesar dead and therefore had come to fetch Caesar to the Senate house. When Caesar told him about his wife's fears and ill omens, he realised that in that case the conspiracy or plan to kill him would fail. Hence, to save his skin and as well as to realise his selfish intentions he interpreted the dream so that it would appeal to Caesar's vanity. He told him that his statue giving blood like a fountain from a hundred spouts was a sign that Rome will gain energy and life from him. That powerful Roman bathe their hands in it signifies that they will dip their handkerchiefs in his sacred blood and keep them as mementos and souvenirs. Thus, it again signifies that he would become most powerful of all Romans.

(d) In 1934, Patol Babu got a better job with comparatively better wage than his previous job [in the railway factory] with Hudson and Kimberley. He worked as a clerk and got money enough to keep his financial condition stable and look after his family crisis. For as long as he worked there he led a satisfactory life and he was also fortunate enough to find a flat in the Netaji Bhattacharji lane where he started living in Calcutta with his wife. But in 1943, due to sudden retrenchment (golden handshake) in his office, he lost his job.

(e) The poem 'Ozymandias', is written by Percy Bysshe Shelley. The powerful and the rich often get their statues erected in an attempt to immortalise themselves so that the posterity/progeny remember their mighty deeds in the times to come. This highlights their short-sightedness for nature which is all pervasive and all powerful, has the ability to render such attempts futile. Time takes its toll on everyone and everything, and they mock at the dilapidated remains of statues which lies neglected here and there. Thus, the poem highlights the all pervasive, long lasting power of nature and the ephemeralities (short lives) of mankind.

10. OR
Mark Antony was Caeser's loyal friend and all through his life remained true to his country, to its country's people and to his slain friend.
                                                              He was a hard practical idealist dreamer and was a powerful orator. The moment he saw his friend's corpse lying on the ground he referred to him as the noblest man who ever lived and asked the men to kill him (if they intended to) for no hour and no weapon would be as suitable as the hour and used for Caesar's death or to kill Caesar, even if he lived on for thousand years. Later he got hold of his emotions and thought of taking revenge and turning the tables on the conspirators for if he were dead then they would succeed in their political ambitions. He asked for an opportunity to speak at Caesar's funeral. in the marketplace and shook hands with conspirators. Despite disapproval from Cassius, Brutus granted him permission asking him to mention that he was speaking with their permission and only to praise Caesar and not to speak ill of them.
Mark Antony and Brutus delivered their speech in the marketplace. While Brutus appealed to the wisdom of the people/mob, Antony appealed to their emotions and cleverly countered all points made by Brutus to justify the killing. He repeatedly referred to the conspirators as 'honourable man' t save his own skin and incited the fickle minded mob by telling them about Caesar's will and brought down on the conspirators. Thus, by clever use of irony, satire, punch and an interesting interplay of words he won the heart of the mob while the speech given by the Brutus lacked punch and was cold and direct.

"Without Miss Anne Sullivan, my wife life was literally and symbolically in darkness. It was like a ship without a compass."
Such was the love that Helen had for her teacher. Before the arrival of Miss Sullivan Helen was like the wild child caught inside the silent prison of her own body. Helen became deaf, blind and dumb at the age of two. She had a lot of anger and aggression trapped inside herself for she felt like an outcast in the world even though she was greatly loved by her family. Helen's father was a gentlemen who believed in the power of hope and did not want to deprive Helen of the benefits of education. They started looking for an accomplished teacher to teach Helen and found assistance in Anne Sullivan who was known to be an expert in teaching the blind. Helen at first had difficulty adapting to this new phase of life that she was to embark upon but with Anne Sullivan's assistance she learned to read and write with the help of manual alphabet. She spelled letters in her hand and repeated and read stories to her. The first word that Helen spoke was doll and then water and it gave her immense pleasure to know that she could do things just like everybody else. Anne Sullivan accompanied Helen wherever she went and it was because of her unitarian efforts Helen could live dream of going Radcliffe college and later on humanitarian mission around the world.
                                           Had Miss Anne Sullivan not been there Helen would not have been able to achieve so much in her life. She was like a constant companion in good times and in bad, She encouraged her to believe in herself and pushed her achieve greater things in her life. She taught her to aim for the moon because that way even if she failed she would land up among the stars. She persuaded Helen to write, to work on her weakness and constantly assisted her during lectures.
Thus, it would be right to say that she liberated the caged bird and there is no Helen Keller story without Anne Sullivan for it was only when she got the wind knocked out of her that she was reminded of how much she loved the taste of air.

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