Summary of Packing (Character Sketch, Quick Revision Notes and Word Meanings)

Character Sketch

• Jerome:
He is the narrator of the story. He is very proud of on his packing so he decide to do the packing for holiday but his real intention is different. He wants his friends would do the packing and he supervise their work. He feel irritated when he is working and other people are relaxing. However, he does the packing task but forgotten many things outside so he have to do the packing many times. He enjoys the packing of foods by his friends and make them feel irritated.

• Montmorency: He is a pet dog. He had an ambition in his life to get in the way and get scolded. He felt that his day was not been wasted if he had made people mad and had things thrown at his head. His highest aim was to get somebody to stumble over him, and curse him steadily for an hour. He is disturbing George and Harris in packing work.  He sat down on many things. He put his legs into the jam and scattered the teaspoons. He pretended that the lemons were rats.

Summary of the Chapter

Three friends George, Harris and Jerome, the narrator, decided to go on a Holiday. Jerome was very proud of his packing so he offered to do the packing task on which other two friends agreed. Both friends relaxed, but the narrator's intention was different. According to him, both would do packing task under his direction. The narrator hated other people relaxing while he was working. However, the narrator started packing and soon finished it.

Harris asked the narrator that he had put the boots in the package. The narrator searched and found he had forgotten. He opened the bag, put the boots and packed the boots. When he was going to close his bag a horrible idea came to his mind that had he packed his toothbrush! He turned everything. He found toothbrushes of George and Harris more than eighteen times but could not find out his toothbrush. He put the things back one by one. Then he found it inside a boot and packed the things once more.

After he finished packing, George asked if the soap was in. The narrator said that he didn't care about soap whether it was in bag or not. Again, he had to open the bag as he had packed his spectacles in it. The bag finally got finished at 10:05 p.m. Now, the hampers task remained to do which was taken by George and Harris on which narrator agreed.

Both started packing in cheerful nature showing narrator how to do. However, according to narrator they are worst packer in the world. The narrator could see the piles of plates and cups, and kettles, and bottles, and jars, and pies, and stoves, and cakes, and tomatoes, etc., and felt that the thing would soon become exciting. The narrator thinking was right as they started breaking the cup. Harris packed the strawberry jam on top of a tomato and squashed it. George stepped on the butter. The narrator came over and quietly sat on the edge of the table which irritated them as narrator felt. It made them nervous and excited. They couldn't able to find what they want. They packed the pies at the bottom and squashed them by putting heavy thing over them.

Both of them upset everything. George got the butter off his slipper and tried to put it in kettle, but it wouldn't go in and what was in wouldn't come out. At last, they dragged it out all and put it down the chair. Harris sat on it and butter stuck to him. The searched the whole room but couldn't able to find. Lastly, George got round at the back of Harris and saw it and they got it off, and packed it in the teapot.

Montmorency, pet dog had an ambition in his life to get in the way and get scolded. He felt that his day was not been wasted if he had made people mad and had things thrown at his head. His highest aim was to get somebody to stumble over him, and curse him steadily for an hour. He came and sat down on things, just when they were wanted to be packed. He put his leg into the jam, and he worried
the teaspoons, and he pretended that the lemons were rats, and got into the hamper and killed three of them before Harris could land him with the frying-pan. Harris said it was the narrator who encouraged the dog to do these things.

The packing was done at 12.50. Harris said that he hoped nothing would be found broken. They decided to go to sleep. George asked when he should wake them. After little arguments they decided to wake up at 6:30.

Terms and Meaning from the Chapter

Page No: 82

• Pride myself on: am proud of
• Uncanny: strange
• Intended: thought
• Potter about: do some unimportant things

Page No: 83

• Irritated: Annoyed
• Loll: sit
• Messing: creating confusion
• Superintend: supervise
• Strapped: tied with strap
• Horrible: shocking
• haunts: repeatedly give trouble
• Misery: difficult
• Perspiration: sweat
• Every mortal thing: every ordinary thing
• Rummaged: searched in a careless way

Page No: 84

• chaos: confusion
• Reigned: ruled
• Slammed: closed with force
• Hampers: large baskets for carrying food
• Light-hearted: carefree

Page No: 85

• Squashed: crushed
• Trod on: stepped on

Page No: 86

• Smashed: broke into pieces
• Scrape: drag
• Oath: pledge
• Indignantly: in anger
• Be sworn at: get scolded
• Squirm: enter
• Nuisance: problem

Page No: 87

• Stumble: fall over
• Conceit: his pride in himself
• Damp: wet

Page No: 88

• Reflection: thought
• Fellows: friend
• Split the difference: this means that they agreed on 6.30 because it was halfway between six and seven

Quick Revision Notes

  • The narrator of the story and his two friends decided to go on holiday. 
  • The question of packing the things for the journey arose. 
  • The author thought that he was an expert in packing. lie asked his friends, George and Harris to leave packing to him. 
  • When he had finished packing, certain things remained out. He opened the bag again. In the same way, he had to pack and unpack time and again. 
  • The packing was still not complete. Harris and George undertook to do the rest of the job. 
  • But they were also not expert in packing. They damaged a number of things and did the job shabbily. 
  • At last, the packing was complete by 12.50 in the night. They went to bed with the intention of waking up at 6.30 in the morning.

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