Study Material of The Great Stone Face -II (Summary and Word Meanings) Honeydew

Summary of the Chapter

Ernest still lived in his native valley. He was simple hearted man. He always worked for the betterment of the world. Though he was considered to be an ordinary man yet he was humble and rich in thoughts. With the passage of time ,Ernest became old. He had wise thoughts in his mind. He had become famous all over the world. Men came from distant places to see and speak to him. A new poet had appeared on earth while Ernest had been growing old. The poet was a native of Ernest's valley but had stayed in distant cities for a long period. The poet had heard of Ernest's character. One day, he came to his door. Ernest was reading a book and glancing lovingly at the mountain from time to time. Ernest gave him shelter for the night. The great stone face looked kindly at the poet. The poet found Ernest ,wise ,gentle and kind.
Ernest used to speak to his neighbours every evening. The poet also accompanied him the poet listened to his talk. He felt that Ernest's life and character were a far nobler kind of poetry than his own poems just then ,the poet saw the great stone face . He declared Ernest as the likeness of the great stone face every body agreed with him. Ernest still hoped that someone wiser and better than himself would appear sometime, bearing a likeness to the great stone face.

Terms and Meanings from the Chapter

• Furrows – deep lines
• Obscure – not well known
• Unawares – unknowingly
• Customary toil – usual work
• Hospitably – kindly
• Corresponded – been in harmony with
• Custom – habit
• Harmonised with – agreed with
• Sage – wise man
• Diffused – spread all around.

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