Study Material of The Great Stone Face -I (Summary, Character Sketch and Word Meanings) Honeydew

Character Sketch

• Ernest: He is upright, hard-working, and a benevolent presence to his neighbors. He spends his leisure hours gazing at a mountain rock formation called the Great Stone Face.

• Ernest's Mother: Loving woman who tells her son about an old story predicting that a child born in the valley below the Great Stone Face will become the greatest person of his time. The story says his face will resemble the one on the mountain.

• Mr. Gathergold: A wealthy merchant who is a native of the valley. He arrives in the valley during his end days.

• Old Blood and Thunder: Great general who is a native of the valley returned in valley after becoming old and tired.

• Statesman: Great orator who is a native of the valley.

• Poet: Great writer who is a native of the valley who declared that ernest resembles as Great Stone Face.

Terms and Meanings from the Chapter

• Immense – Huge
• Enormous – very big
• Resembled – similar appearance
• Benign – kind
• Prophecy – statement that tells what will happen in the future.
• Pensive – thoughtful
• Gaze – stare
• Stirred – moved
• Labour - work
• Folly – foolishness
• Sympathises – feeling of sorrow, approval and understanding.
• Beheld – saw
• Renowned – famous
• Banquet – feast
• Proclaimed – announced

Summary of Chapter

One afternoon , a mother with her son, Ernest , was at the door of their cottage. They were talking about the great stone face. It was clearly visible in the bright sunshine. Thousands of people lived there. Everybody there, was familiar with the great stone face. It was the work of the nature. One day the great stone face smiled on Ernest and looked kindly . He wished to hear its pleasant voice. He longed to see a man with such a face in order to love him dearly. There was a man called gather gold he had left his native many years ago he had became quite rich man there. He decided to return to his native valley. There was a rumour that gathergold looked like the great stone face. Gathergold had the face of an old man with yellow skin. The people considered him the image of the great stone face Ernest gazed up the valley. The great stone face seemed to reject gathergold as its likeness.
Ernest had grown up to be a young man. Everyday, he would go off by himself and gaze upon the great stone face. He wondered why its likeness was delaying its appearance. By his time gathergold had become poor and died without establishing his likeness with the stone face. After son of the valley had joined the army as a soldier many years before. He had be come a general by then and came to be known as blood and thunder on the battled. In his old age, he desired to return to his valley. The people considered him as the likeness of the great stone face. On his return, he was welcomed warmly. The gathering mistook him as the greatest man of all time. Ernest failed to recognise any likeness between Blood and thunder and the great stone face. His heart assured him that the real face had still to come.

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