Chapter 11 The Proposal Important Questions Class 10 First Flight English

Chapter 11 The Proposal Important Questions Class 10 First Flight English

Very Short Answer Type Questions

Question 1. Where was the Oxen Meadows situated?


Oxen Meadows were wedged in between Chubukov’s Birchwoods and the Burnt Marsh.

Question 2. What do they quarrel over for the second time?


For the second time, they quarrel over the quality of their dogs.

Question 3. What does Lomov quarrel over with Natalya for the first time?


Lomov quarrels over ownership the right of Oxen Meadows.

Question 4. Write down the final advice of Chubukov?


Chubukov advised Natalaya and Lomov to start their family bliss.

Question 5. Did Lomov and Natalya get married ultimately?


Yes, they got married ultimately.

Question 6. What does Chubukov suspect?


Chubukov suspects that Lomov has come to borrow money from him.

Question 7. Who is Lomov?


Lomov is a young landowner.

Question 8. Why is Lomov so eager to marry?


Lomov is so eager to many because he is already over thirty-five.

Question 9. What is the last threatening to Lomov?


Chubukov warned Lomov never to set foot in his house again.

Question 10. What documents does Lomov offer to show Natalya?


He wants to show her the documents relating to the Oxen Meadows.

Question 11. Who was Guess?


Guess was Lomov’s pet dog.

Question 12. Why is Lomov not able to answer properly?


Lomov is nervous and confused as he is going to propose to Natalya, so he is not able to answer properly.

Question 13. Why did Lomov come to Chubukov’s house?


Lomov came to Chubukov’s house with a marriage proposal for Natalya.

Question 14. What disease does Lomov suffer from?


Lomov suffers from palpitations.

Question 15. Who has been using Oxen Meadows?


Peasants have been using Oxen Meadows.

Short Answer Type Questions

Question 1. What request did Lomov make to Chubukov?


Lomov went to Chubukov in a formal dress in order to propose marriage to his daughter, Natalya. Hesitatingly he told Chubukov that he needed his help and had come to trouble him with a request. He told him that he wanted to marry Natalya.

Question 2. What makes Chubukov misunderstand the purpose of Lomov’s visit?


Chubukov misunderstands that Lomov has come to borrow money. He does not reveal his purpose of coming directly instead he says that he has come to trouble him with a request for help.

Question 3. What did Natalya say about Guess?


Natalya said that Squeezer was superior to Guess —Lomov’s dog. Lomov said that his dog Guess was better than Squeezer. Natalya believed that Guess had become old and ought to be shot. She also claimed that Squeezer was a hundred times better than a Guess.

Question 4. Lomov calls himself a ‘land grabber’. Justify the statement in about 20-25 words.


Lomov and Natalya argue over the ownership of Oxen Meadows. Natalya calls him a ‘land grabber’ as he claims his ownership over it. Lomov says that he is not a ‘land grabber’ as he has never done so and would never let anyone do so.

Question 5. What justification did Lomov give to Natalya and Chubukov to prove that he is the rightful owner of Meadows?


Lomov told Natalya and Chubukov that his aunt’s grandmother gave the Meadows for the temporary and free use of Chubukov’s grandfather’s peasants. So he is the rightful owner of the open meadows.

Question 6. Why is Lomov anxious to marry Natalya?


Lomov wants to settle the question of his marriage at once. He thinks that now he should not delay. He thinks about Natalya. She is a skilled house-keeper. She is educated and is not bad to look at. At this age, he should not expect a better girl than her. He is suffering from some serious diseases. Because of these reasons. He is anxious to marry Natalya.

Question 7. What is the play “The Proposal”?


The play “The Proposal’ is about Lomov’s visit to his neighbor’s Chubukov house. Lomov is wearing a formal dress. He has come with the intention of making a marriage proposal to Chubukov’s daughter, Natalaya.

Question 8. How does Natalya lay claim to a piece of land called the ‘Oxen Meadows’?


Natalya says that the land belonged to her family for the last three hundred years. Now suddenly Lomov lays his claim to that land. She says that the land is not worth much in terms of money. But as a principle, she won’t let Lomov claim it.

Question 9. How does Lomov speak warmly of Chubukov’s family in the beginning? Why does he change his stand?


In the beginning, Lomov speaks quite warmly about Chubukov’s family. He reminds Natalya that he knows the Chubukovs since his childhood. His aunt and uncle had great respect for her family. Both the families have been most friendly and close neighbours. Lomov changes his opinion about the Chubukovs when he picks up a quarrel with Natalya and Chubukov over the ownership of Oxen Meadows.

Question 10. What do you think would have been Chubukov’s reaction on hearing the reason for which Lomov had come to his house?


When Chubukov came to know that the reason of Lomov’s coming to their house is to marry Natalya, he was overwhelmed with joy. He embraced and kissed Lomov and told him that he was hoping for it for a long time. He told Lomov that he had always loved him as if he were his own son.

Question 11. How can you say that Natalya was not convinced that Oxen Meadows was owned by Lomov?


Natalya was not convinced as she said that they owned Oxen Meadows for nearly 300 years. It was surprising and ridiculous if someone else claimed it to be his own. Chubukov also joined the quarrel.

Question 12. What is the ailment that Lomov is suffering from?


Lomov is 35 years old. It is high time that he should settle for a quiet and regular life. He is suffering due to a weak heart and sleep-sickness. In need of a companion who may look after him, he wants to get married.

Question 13. How does Natalaya react when she comes to know that Lomov had come to propose for her hand?


When she knows that Lomov came to propose to her, she starts weeping. She calls her father to bring him back at once. He has gone out after the quarrel. She also accuses Chubukov that he drove Lomov out. She becomes hysterical.

Question 14. Why does the proposal remain unmade during Lomov’s first visit?


The proposal remains unmade during Lomov’s fast visit because Lomov is very nervous and excitable. He beat about the bush. When Natalya comes Lomov begins to quarrel with her about a piece of land. He gets very excited and leaves the room, cursing and threatening the old man and his daughter, Natalya. He forgets all about the proposal.

Question 15. What is the cause of the second quarrel between Natalya and Lomov?


Lomov starts praising the qualities of the dog Guess. But Natalya says that her dog sq which she purchased for 85 roubles is much better than Lomov’s dog Guess. Both of them praise the qualities of their dogs. Now they start quarrelling on this topic. They again start shouting at each other.

Question 16. Who are Lomov and Chubukov and how are they related to each other?


Lomov and Chubukov are landlords. They are neighbours too. According to Lomov, he has been coming to Chubukov for help. Chubukov has helped him even earlier. There seems to be a dispute over the ownership of Oxen Meadows. Each one claims that the land belongs to him. Lomov is interested in marrying Chubukov’s daughters, Natalya and considers her a suitable match for her.

Question 17. How does Chubukov react when he comes to know that Lomov has come with a proposal of marrying his daughter Natalya?


Soon the misunderstanding is cleared. Chubukov comes to know that Lomov has not come to borrow money instead he has come with a proposal of marrying his daughter Natalya. He is extremely happy to hear it. This is exactly what he wants. He embraces and kisses Lomov. He calls him “darling” and “angel”. He tells Lomov that he has been hoping it for a long time. He is ready to bless them.

Question 18. Lomov was a quarrelsome person. Justify.


Lomov was a quarrelsome person. He came to Chubukov’s house to propose Natalya. But he started arguing about the meadows and insisted that those meadows belonged to him. Later he kept on proving that his dog Squeezer is better than ‘Guess’ – the dog of Chubukov’s. He did not care for his health or his proposal but kept on fighting for one or the other reason. It proves that he was a quarrelsome person.

Long Answer Type Questions

Question 1. The principle ‘Forgive and Forget’ helps a lot in maintaining cordial relations with our neighbours. Do you think the author proves this message in the play “The Proposal”?


Life is a journey which is often compared to the roller coaster ride. It means life is full of ifs and buts and ups and down. But the path of life can be smoothened by virtues of our actions, attitudes and behaviour. And the principle of forgive and forget comes from these virtues. Letting go of anger and bitterness can work wonders both for our attitude and for our health.

Anger may spoil anything like poison. One cannot afford to remain wallowing in the marsh of anger’or sad feelings. Life has to move on and if one wants to get ahead one has to imbibe “forgive and forget”. Only sensitive and great people can follow this gospel.

In the present play “The Proposal” we find that Lomov visits the house of Chubukov with a proposal to marry his daughter Natalaya. Chubukov’s joy knows no bound to hear this. But in course of their common talk, they pick up nonsensical issue and stand fighting and abusing each other.

Even Natalaya also jumps into the ring of verbal quarrel. When things become normal after the sudden departure of Lomov, Natalaya comes to know about the proposal, She asks her father to call Lomov back. When he comes back this time he and Natalaya starts abusing each other and have heated oral fight over dogs. But in the end, they compromise, they forget their issue and forgive each other. The proposal changes into marriage. Hence we see that the principle helped them unite.

Question 2. Describe the first meeting of Lomov and Natalya.


Lomov goes to his neighbour Chuhukov’s house to ask for the hand of his daughter Natalya. When he talks to Natalya, he becomes nervous. He is in a fix on how to make a marriage proposal. He talks in a round-about manner. He beat about the bush. He makes mention of his meadows which touch their birchwoods. At this, a quarrel ensues between them over the ownership of the meadows. Both of them claim the ownership and start rebuking each other. In the meantime, Chubukov comes there. Instead of pacifying them, he also joins the quarrel. He abuses Lomov which worsens the situation. Lomov is deeply upset. He leaves Chubukov’s house and forgets about the marriage proposal.

Question 3. Give a brief character sketch of Natalya.


Natalya was 25 years old and the daughter of Chubukov. She was a good housekeeper, not bad to look at and educated; that was why Lomov wanted to marry her. She could be a good wife to him.

She secretly loved Lomov. She became hysterical when she came to know that Lomov had come to propose to her. She asked her father to call him back. To please Lomov she asked him to forgive her and agreed to his ownership of the Oxen Meadows.

She was greedy and short-sighted. She got the whole field of hay cut. She was also very inquisitive and wanted to know why Lomov was dressed up formally.
She was touchy and short-tempered and fell into contradiction and argument on two occasions—once over the ownership of Oxen Meadows and the second time over the superiority of her dog Squeezer. She is as rigid as Lomov. She is not ready to give up even after getting ready to marry him.

Question 4. Write a brief character sketch of Lomov.


Lomov is a man who is of marriageable age. He also suffers from a weak heart and sleeplessness. So, he is desperate to settle down in life and lead a quiet and regular life. Despite his ailments, Lomov was a rich and prosperous farmer. This makes Chubukov secretly wish him to marry his daughter Natalya. As for Lomov, he did not love her, though he was desperate to have a life partner, and so marry Natalya. Lomov was however hesitant to ask for her hand from Chubukov. That made him beat around the bush, argue with Natalya and leave without proposing. Thus we can find that Loom’s conditions overpower the other traits he has. He is an eligible, assertive, rich, bachelor, who will be liked by any girl. However, we also know that he is nervous, lacks confidence and is prone to talk in a long-winded manner.

Question 4. How and why does Lomov go to Chubukov’s house? How does Chubukov react to his visit?


Lomov is a Russian landlord of thirty-five years old. He is a neighbour of another rich landlord Chubukov. He is at a critical age when he thinks he should get married. He wants to lead a peaceful and regular married life. He sees in Chubukov’s daughter Natalya an ideal life-companion. He thinks she is a good housekeeper, educated and not bad looking. He comes to Chubukov’s house with a proposal of marriage. Naturally, he is formally dressed in a fashionable jacket and white gloves. In the beginning, Chubukov seems to be rather cold to his visit. He thinks that Lomov has come to borrow money from him. However, his indifference soon changes into warm enthusiasm. Lomov tells him the real purpose of his visit. Chubukov is extremely happy to hear it. He tells Lomov that he has been thinking for a long time for this marriage. He calls Lomov a good neighbour and an ‘angel’. He is ready to give his consent to their marriage.

Question 5. What are the main points of controversy over the ownership of Oxen Meadows between Chubukov and Lomov? How and why does Natalya jump into the quarrel?


The ownership of Oxen Meadows is claimed by both the families, the Lomov and the Chubukovs. It becomes a bone of contention between them. Lomov claims that his Oxen Meadows touch the Birdwood of Chubukov. Natalya contests the claim. She claims that they belong to them. Lomov explains that his aunt’s grandmother gave the free use of the Meadows to the peasants of the Chubukovs. In return, they were to make bricks for the Lomovs. Natalya claims that their land expands to Burnt Marsh. Hence, Oxen Meadows belong to them. They have had the land for 300 years.

Lomov is ready to present the necessary documents to prove his ownership over the Meadows. Natalya threatens to send her mowers to the Meadows. Chubukov comes in and jumps into the quarrel. He sides with his daughter. Lomov threatens to go to court. There is a free exchange of abuses and insults. Chubukov calls Lomov’s grandfather a drunkard. Lomov calls Chubukov’s mother hump-backed. Natalya calls Chubukov’s mother hump-backed. Natalya calls Lomov dishonest, rascal and mean. Chubukov calls Lomov a villain and a scarecrow. The dispute ends, when Natalya comes to know about the marriage proposal. She surrenders her claim and accepts that the Meadows belong to Lomov.

Question 6. Describe the incidents of humour in the play, ‘The Proposal’?


'The Proposal' is certainly a humorous play. The very entry of Lomov in a formal dress and the way Chubukov greets calling him ‘darling’, ‘my treasure’ or ‘my beauty’ make one laugh. Marriage proposal, supposed to be romantic turns to be humorous as the way Natalya and Lomov indulge in arguments over petty issues like ownership of Oxen Meadows and superiority of dogs makes the play humorous. The critical terms that the characters I use for each other like a scarecrow, turnip ghost, blind hen, stuffed sausage, etc., force one to laugh. The hysterical fit of Natalya when she comes to know about the proposal and the wailing of father and daughter when they think Lomov is dead create immense humour. Finally, the way Natalya puts her hand in Loom’s under continuous arguments indicating acceptance of the proposal is really humorous. Thus we see that the whole play is replete with humour, making it a humorous play.

Question 7. What is the theme of the play ‘The Proposal’?


The One Act play ‘The Proposal’ throws light on the lifestyle of the landlords of Russia in the 19th century. The farm labourers worked on their farms. So these landlords led a life of ease and comfort. In fact. they led an idle life. They were full of vanity and pride. They quarrelled over petty things. In the play, we see that Lomov and Natalya have a dispute over a piece of land. They quarrel again over the qualities of their dogs. Chubukov, Natalya’s father, instead of pacifying them, joins them. He and Lomov abuse each other. All of them behave in a very funny way. The play also brings to light the social life of the landowners of the 19th century. An unmarried grown-up daughter was considered a great burden by the parents. Chubukov curses himself for being the father of Natalya. An aged bachelor was also looked down upon in society. This theme has been presented nicely through the characters of Lomov and Natalya.

Question 8. Anton Chekov has used humour and exaggeration in the play to comment on courtship in his times. Illustrate with examples from the lesson, “The Proposal”. Also mention the values, you think, any healthy relationship requires.


Lomov and Natalaya meet for a serious purpose , i.e., to talk about marriage that decides the progress of one’s life as a member of the conventionally established society. But the purpose of their meeting gets lost on two consecutive occasions because Lomov’s faith in the values of his society disrupts his approach to the topic of marriage. He learns that the girl and her father like him, but, instead of proposing to marry her and discussing how their marriage should be organised, he goes on to talk about properties, relations, family histories, and pets, draws them into an unnecessary argument, and antagonises both of them.

Finally, Chubukov marries Lomov and Natasha by force before another problem crops up. Thus the play ends in a comic note, just because the couple gets together with their father to celebrate their marriage while the dispute over the pets is still continuing. For any healthy relationship there should be mutual understanding and respect. Quarreling over trivial issues like dog cannot guarantee longevity of a relationship.

Question 9. How do Natalya and Chubukov react when Lomov falls down in an armchair and considered to be dead? How does Chubukov manage to get Natalya married with Lomov?


Anton Chekov’s play The Proposal’ presents a farcical situation when Lomov falls down unconscious in an armchair. Before that, there has been a free for all. Insults and abuses were freely hurled. The dispute over Oxen Meadows was settled but the quarrel over the dogs took an unpleasant turn. Lomov is called “Boy! Pup!”, Milksop” and “Fool”. He heat and excitement and falls down unconscious: He is thought to be almost dead.

Both Natalya and Chubukov feel that things are going out of their hands. They feel helpless. Chubukov feels like shooting himself or cutting his own throat. Natalya is dying for marriage. The moment Lomov comes to senses, everyone feels relieved. Chubukov can’t afford to miss the opportunity. He tells Natalya to “hurry up and get married!” She too acts at once. She embraces and kisses Lomov and gives her willing to marry him. Only one thing is left for Chubukov. He blesses the newly married couple and opens a bottle of champagne. They say old habits die hard. The new couple starts their married life with a fresh quarrel. It is over their dogs Squeezer and Guesses again.

Question 10. Describe how Chubukov got Natalya married with Lomov.


Chubukov was thinking that Lomov had come to borrow money from him but when he told him that he had come to propose to his daughter he was overjoyed and even shed a tear. He kissed and embraced Lomov. He told Lomov that he was hoping it for a long time. He also told Lomov that he loved him as his own son.

In fact, Chubukov, secretly wished Lomov to marry his dither as he knew that Lomov was a rich and prosperous farmer and his only daughter could lead a comfortable life with him. No wonder, he was overjoyed to know that Lomov was there to propose to his daughter.

Question 11. Bring out the humorous element in the one-act play ‘The Proposal’.


The one-act play ‘The Proposal’ is full of the humorous element. The characters in the play behave ridiculously. Lomov comes to propose to Natalya. But he cannot talk in a straightforward manner. He beat about the bush. He starts quarrelling with her over a piece of land. When he comes back, he quarrels about the superiority of his dog. Chubukov is also a humorous character. He knows that Lomov has come to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Even when he quarrels with him. We laugh at the words used by them and their behaviour. The sudden marriage of Lomov and Natalya creates laughter. Chubukov puts his daughter’s hand in Lomov’s in a foolish manner. Lomov is a comic character. His complaints about his poor health provoke laughter. Thus the play gives us a lot of laughter.

Question 12. Chubukov has all the attributes of a quarrelsome rich Russian landlord. Instead of solving the problems, he only adds fuel to the fire in their quarrel over Oxen Meadows and the dogs. Justify the statement.


Chubukov represents a typical rich landlord of 19th century Russia. He seems to be fairly rich and resourceful. Even his neighbour Lornov acknowledges the frequent help rendered to him by Chubukov. He lands his threshing machine to Lomov. On account of this help, he has to put off their own threshing till November. Chubukov is quite practical. He knows that Lomov can be a good match for his daughter Natalya. So, he at once gives his assent to Lomov’s proposal of marrying her. Actually, he has been waiting for such a proposal for a long time. Chubukov is a landlord and can’t resist his hunger for land. He opposes the claim of Lomov over the ownership of Oxen Meadows. He even threatens to send his mowers out to the Meadows.

Chubukov can be quite quarrelsome, abusing and insulting. He always sides with his daughter. He picks up a quarrel on Oxen Meadows. He calls Lomov “a land grabber” and “villain”. He abuses his grandfather of being a “drunkard” and his father a ‘gambler’. He jumps into the quarrel and adds only fuel to the fire. However, Chubukov is a great opportunity. He grabs the opportunity the moment Lomov comes into the senses. He makes Natalya kiss and embrace Lomov and gets them married.

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