Beauty Poem Important Questions Class 6 Honeysuckle English

Beauty Poem Important Questions Class 6 Honeysuckle English

Short Answer Type Questions

Question 1. What according to you is ‘beauty’?


‘Beauty’ is a feeling of the heart, produced when you admire something beautiful.

Question 2. Can beauty have different moods? Illustrate with an example.


Yes, sunlight is very beautiful during winter season, but during summer season, everybody tries to avoid it.

Question 3. Explain how can you ‘hear’ beauty?


Beauty can be ‘heard’ in the whistling sound of wind and the sound of the falling rain drops. You can also ‘hear’ beauty in the gurgling of a flowing river and the rustling of leaves.

Question 4. Why does the poet say that beauty is with in yourself?


The poet says that there is beauty within yourself, in your deeds that are good and if your thoughts are happy.

Question 5. How will you define beauty?


Beauty is a feeling of great pleasure in heart on seeing something beautiful.

Question 6. Explain how can you see beauty?


Beauty is visible in everything around us—the beautiful sunshine, the trees, birds, the corn growing in the fields and also to see people dancing happily for their harvest.

Question 7. What does the poet mean by ‘wind sighing’?


'Sigh’ means taking a long, loud breath. When the wind blows, it appears to be making this sound. The poet has personified the wind.

Long Answer Type Questions

Question 1. What is the difference in the beauty of an object in different times?


There is a lot of difference in the beauty of an object in different times as everyone feels pleasure in the sunlight during winter but it becomes extremely hot and unpleasant during summer time.

Question 2. Read the first and second stanzas of the poem again. Note the following phrases, corn growing, people working or dancing, wind sighing, rain falling, a singer chanting These could be written as
• corn that is growing
• people who are working or dancing
Can you rewrite the other phrases like this? Why do you think the poet uses the shorter phrases?


Wind that is sighing
rain that is falling
a singer who is chanting
The poet uses the shorter phrases to enhance its beauty and for creating musical effect.

Question 3. Write a paragraph about beauty. Use your own ideas along with the ideas in the poem. (You may discuss ideas with your partner)


A beautiful thing brings smile in face of every one that sees or feels it. A beautiful blessing of nature or lap of mother, cuddling of sibling, reading about great people give happiness and endless immortal feel. In the nature everyone has different kind of beauty. It depends on one’s perspective that how he or she see takes it.

Question 4. Can a person hear beauty in nature. How?


Yes, a person can hear beauty in nature during the night when there is tranquility around us. It can be heard during the rainfall, in the sound of the wind, gurgling of a flowing river and in the rustling of leaves. Beauty can also be heard when a singer is singing. It can be heard anywhere where things are done eagerly and seriously.

Question 5. The poet says, “Beauty is heard in …”
Can you hear beauty? Add a sound that you think is beautiful to the sounds the poet thinks are beautiful.
The poet, Keats, said:
Heard melodies are sweet,
But those unheard are sweeter.
What, do you think this means? Have you ever ‘heard’ a song in your head, long after the song was sung or played?


The sound of a child’s laughter is also beautiful.
Keats means that poems that one keeps on chanting in his mind are a greater source of happiness than the one which is heard from someone.
Yes, it is true we often keep on hearing a beautiful song long after the singer has stopped singing.

Context Based Questions

Stanza 1

Beauty is seen
In the sunlight,
The trees, the birds,
Corn growing and people working
Or dancing for their harvest.

Beauty is all around us it can be felt and seen in the ‘natures’ gifts like , trees, birds etc. growing of com, blooming of a fruit laden plant from a seed, and in tilling the harvest make them to dance to show their messiest.


(i) Where can beauty be seen?
(ii) What are the beautiful things?
(iii) What is the reason of dancing in the poem?
(iv) What is the noun form of ‘grow’?
(v) What is the meaning of “harvest’?


(i) Beauty can be seen in daylight, trees, birds etc.

(ii) The beautiful things are trees, birds, harvest and dancing of workers that worked hard.

(iii) The harvest is the yield of tiresome end over of the workers. So they dance in happiness.

(iv) Growth.

(v) Cut and collect crop.

Stanza 2

Beauty is heard
In the night,
Wind sighing, rain falling,
Or a singer chanting
Anything in earnest.

Beauty can be witnessed and experienced at night also blowing of breeze, falling of rain drops. Anything done with a sincere endeavour can be noticed at the night. Lyrical singers get attention and soothes the soul at night.


(i) What does the poet mean by ‘beauty heard in the night’?
(ii) What can be heard at night?
(iii) Why is it so that one can listen clearly at night?
(iv) What is the impact of the sounds?
(v) What is the antonym of ‘earnest’?


(i) The poet says that as one cannot see at night, yet the sounds can be heard.

(ii) Melodious sound of wind sighing, falling of rain drop and singing of songs can be heard at night.

(iii) Because most of the activities takes place in the day, comes at halt. So it is easy to listen to the sounds.

(iv) The sounds brings peace and are harmonious to the nature.

(v) Insincere.

Stanza 3

Beauty is in yourself.
Good deeds, happy thoughts
That repeat themselves
In your dreams,
In your work,
And even in your rest.

The poet affirms that beauty lies in eyes of beholders. Great works and happiness done with good intention stays in mind. Their impact is impeccable. It reflects through ones action.
A person can have good and comfortable sleep when he is satisfied in life.


(i) What do you understand by ‘Beauty is in yourself?
(ii) How do ‘Good deeds’ repeat in dream?
(iii) What is the meaning of‘deeds’?
(iv) What is the name of the poem?
(v) Write the name of the poet.


(i) Beauty is deep within a person. It is reflected through his action and thoughts.

(ii) A person’s action and its impacts stay in his thoughts. So dream reflect what he perceives.

(iii) ‘A conscious effort’.

(iv) The name of the poem is ‘Beauty’.

(v) The poet name is ‘E-Yeh-Shure’.

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