Summary of The Happy Prince Class 9 English Moments with Hindi Summary

The lesson "The Happy Prince" was written by Oscar Wilde. The Happy Prince was a beautiful statue covered with thin gold leaves, and his eyes were made of sapphires, and the sword's handle had a ruby. The statue stood high above the city. One day a little swallow arrived at the city. He was on his way to Egypt to join his friends. When he sat between the feet of the Happy Prince, a few drops of water fell on him. While he looked up, he noticed that the statue was crying. The swallow inquired the reason for his crying. Later, the prince said that he had lived happily throughout his life, so he was called Happy Prince. Also, he said that his subjects had built a high statue after his death. When he died, he could see the miseries of the people in the city. The prince then narrated the story of a poor woman whose son was not feeling well. After telling the story, the Happy Prince asked the swallow to give the ruby to the woman. Initially, the swallow refused to do it because he thought he didn't like boys. Later, he took the ruby, reached the poor woman's house, and placed it near the thimble. After completing his task, the swallow returned to the prince. The Happy Prince asked for another help from the swallow. He asked the swallow to give sapphires to the hungry young writer and a little girl. The swallow refused to take the sapphires from his eyes because the Happy Prince would become blind if he plucked the sapphires. Later the swallow took the sapphires from the prince's eyes. When the statue lost sight, he asked the swallow to fly high and tell him what was happening in his city. After noticing the suffering of the poor people, the swallow intimated the things to the prince. Then the prince told him to take all the thin leaves of gold from his body to feed the poor children. Finally, the statue became dull and lost its beauty. When the Mayor and the counsellors looked at the ugly statue, they decided to melt the heart of the Happy Prince in the furnace. Unfortunately, the heart didn't burn in the furnace. Meanwhile, they saw a dead bird was lying at the feet of the prince's statue. So the Mayor proclaimed an order that no bird should die on the statue's feet. Later, the workmen at the foundry threw the statue's heart in the place where they had thrown the dead swallow. At last, God asked his Angel to bring any two beautiful things from the earth. The Angel brought the heart of the statue and the dead bird in front of God. He appreciated the Angel for choosing the right thing.

The Story is written by Oscar Wilde.

The Happy Prince Summary

A beautiful statue had been set up on a tall column high above the city. It was the statue of the Happy Prince. It was covered with gold. It had sapphires in its eyes and ruby on its sword-hilt.

The Happy Prince was always happy when he was alive. He lived in the palace of happiness. He did not know what tears were. So his courtiers called him the Happy Prince. After his death, his statue was set up very high. Now he could see all around the misery of his city. The sights of misery made him weep. He wanted to help his people but was helpless. His feet were tied to the pedestal. Still he helped the needy people through a little bird.

One day, the Prince saw a swallow resting between his feet. He told the swallow that there was a poor house far away in a street. A poor woman lived there. Her little boy was lying ill. He had fever and was asking for oranges. But the poor woman had no money to buy oranges. The Prince asked the swallow to pick out the ruby from his sword and take it to her. The swallow did as it was told and laid the ruby beside the poor woman. It also fanned the sick boy's forehead with its wings.

Then the Prince saw a young man who lived in a garret. The young man was writing a play. But it was so cold that he couldn't write any more. He had no firewood to keep himself warm. The Happy Prince asked the swallow to pick out the sapphire from his one eye and give it to the young man. The swallow began to weep. It did not want to make the Happy Prince blind in one eye. But the Prince commanded the swallow to do so. He gave away his sapphire so that the man could buy firewood and finish his play.

The next day, the Prince saw a match-girl who had let her matches fall into a gutter. She was crying because her father would beat her if she did not take home some money. The Happy Prince asked the swallow to take the sapphire from his other eye and give it to the poor little girl. The swallow was not ready to do so because that would make the Prince completely blind. But the Prince forced the swallow to do as he desired. And when the little girl got the sapphire, she was very happy.

The Prince became blind now. So the swallow decided to stay with the Prince always. The Prince asked the swallow to fly over his city and tell him what it saw there. The swallow informed the Prince that the poor were leading a miserable life.

The Prince said to the swallow, "I am covered with fine gold. Take it off, leaf by leaf, and give it to the poor." The swallow picked leaf after leaf and took them to the poor people of the city. The poor children had now bread to eat. They laughed and played games in the street. Their faces grew rosier. But when all the gold was removed, the Prince looked very ugly. That winter, the poor swallow died of cold at the Prince's feet. The Prince's leaden heart broke when his beloved swallow died.

The next morning, the city Mayor passed that way and saw the statue that was looking very ugly. He ordered it to be pulled down. The statue was melted in a furnace but the broken leaden heart would not melt. So it was thrown on a dust heap where the dead swallow was also lying.

God sent one of His Angels to the earth. He asked the Angel to bring Him two most precious things from the city. The Angel took the leaden heart and the dead swallow to God.

God was very happy with the Angel. He said that the Angel had chosen rightly. He kept the swallow in His garden of Paradise. The Happy Prince was admitted in God's city of gold where he sang for ever in praise of God.

The Happy Prince Summary in Hindi

नगर में एक ऊँचे स्तम्भ के ऊपर एक सुन्दर बुत लगा हुआ था । यह प्रसन्नचित्त राजकुमार का तथा । वह सोने की पत्तियों से ढका था । इसकी आँखें नीलम से बनी थीं और इसकी तलवार की मूठ पर एक लाल माणिक जड़ा हुआ था।

प्रसन्नचित्त राजकुमार जब जीवित था तो वह एक खुशी भरे महल में रहता था और वह सदैव प्रसन्न रहता था। उसे पता नहीं था कि आँसू क्या होते हैं। इसलिए उसके दरबारी उसे हैपी प्रिन्स (प्रसन्नचित्त राजकुमार ) कहा करते थे। उसकी मृत्यु के बाद उसका त इतनी ऊँचाई पर स्थापित किया गया कि उसे नगर में रहने वाले सभी लोगों का दुःखी जीवन स्पष्ट दिखलाई देता था। जब वह यह सब देखता तो उसकी आँखों में आँसू भर आते। वह ग़रीबों की सहायता करना चाहता था किन्तु बेबस था क्योंकि उसके पांव बुत की चौकी के साथ बन्धे हुए थे। फिर भी उसने एक छोटे पक्षी के माध्यम से ज़रूरतमंदों की सहायता की।

राजकुमार ने एक अबाबील को अपने पैरों के मध्य विश्राम करते देखा। उसने अबाबील से कहा कि दूर एक गली में किसी ग़रीब का घर था। एक निर्धन स्त्री वहां रहती थी । उसका पुत्र बीमार था। उसे बुखार था और वह सन्तरे खाना चाहता था। लेकिन निर्धन स्त्री के पास सन्तरे खरीदने के लिए कोई पैसे नहीं थे । राजकुमार ने अबाबील से कहा कि वह उसकी तलवार की मूठ से माणिक उखाड़ कर ले जाए और उस निर्धन स्त्री के पास पहुंचा दे| अबाबील ने वैसा ही किया और माणिक को ले जाकर निर्धन स्त्री के पास रख दिया। उसने लड़के के माथे पर अपने परों से पंखा भी किया।

इसके बाद राजकुमार ने अन्धेरे कमरे में बैठा हुआ एक युवक देखा । यह युवक एक नाटक लिख रहा था किन्तु सर्दी इतनी ज़्यादा थी कि वह आगे लिख नहीं पा रहा था। उसके पास जलाने की लकड़ी खरीदने के लिए कोई पैसे नहीं थे । राजकुमार ने अबाबील से कहा कि वह उसकी एक आंख में से नीलम निकाले तथा उस युवक के पास ले जाए। अबाबील रोने लगा क्योंकि वह ऐसा नहीं करना चाहता था। उसके ऐसा करने से राजकुमार ने एक आंख से अन्धा हो जाना था । किन्तु राजकुमार ने अबाबील को आदेश दिया कि वह ऐसा ही करे और नीलम को निकाल कर उस युवक के पास ले जाए ताकि वह जलाने की लकड़ी खरीद सके और फिर अपना नाटक लिख कर पूरा कर सके ।

दूसरे दिन राजकुमार ने अबाबील को बताया कि एक माचिस बेचने वाली लड़की की माचिस की डिब्बियाँ एक नाले में गिर गईं थीं। वह रो रही थी क्योंकि वह डरती थी कि यदि वह कुछ पैसे घर नहीं ले जाएगी, तो उसका पिता उसे पीटेगा । प्रसन्नचित्त राजकुमार अबाबील से कहा कि वह उसकी दूसरी आंख का नीलम निकाल कर उस नन्हीं ग़रीब लड़की के पास ले जाए। अबाबील ऐसा नहीं करना चाहता था क्योंकि उसके ऐसा करने से राजकुमार ने पूरा अन्धा हो जाना था। किन्तु राजकुमार ने अबाबील को आदेश दिया कि वह उसके कहे अनुसार नीलम को ग़रीब लड़की के पास ले जाए।

राजकुमार अब पूरी तरह अन्धा हो गया। इसलिए अबाबील ने हमेशा उसके साथ रहने का निश्चय कर लिया। राजकुमार ने अबाबील से कहा कि वह उड़ कर पूरे नगर में जाए और सभी जगहों के दृश्यों के बारे में उसे बताए। अबाबील ने राजकुमार को सूचित किया कि ग़रीब लोग बहुत दुःखी जीवन व्यतीत कर रहे हैं।

राजकुमार ने अबाबील से कहा कि वह उसके बदन की सोने की पत्तियाँ एक-एक करके ग़रीबों के लिए ले जाए। अबाबील ने वैसा ही किया । ग़रीब बच्चों को अब खाने के लिए भोजन मिलने लगा। वे हँसने लगे और गलियों में खेलने लगे। उनके चेहरे गुलाब की तरह खिल गए। लेकिन सारा सोना उतरने के बाद राजकुमार का बुत अब बदसूरत लगने लगा। उसी शीत ऋतु में अत्यधिक सर्दी के कारण अबाबील की मृत्यु हो गई। उसका मृत शरीर राजकुमार के पैरों में जा गिरा। यह देखकर राजकुमार का दिल टूट गया, यद्यपि यह सीसे का बना हुआ था।

अगली सुबह जब नगर का मेयर उधर से गुजरा तो उसने उस भद्दे बुत को देखा। उसने तुरन्त उसे गिराने का आदेश दे दिया । बुत को एक भट्टी में पिघला दिया गया लेकिन टूटा हुआ दिल न पिघल सका। इसलिए उसे एक कूड़े के ढेर पर फेंक दिया गया जहाँ मृत अबाबील भी पड़ा हुआ था।

ईश्वर ने अपने दूतों में से एक दूत को भेजा कि वह उस नगर की दो सर्वाधिक मूल्यवान चीजें चुन कर लाए। दूत ने उस सीसे के दिल को तथा मृत अबाबील को चुना। ईश्वर दूत से बहुत प्रसन्न हुआ। उसने कहा कि दूत का चुनाव बिल्कुल सही था । ईश्वर ने इन दोनों को अपने स्वर्ग के बगीचे में स्थान प्रदान किया। ईश्वर ने कहा कि छोटा पक्षी उसके बाग़ में गाया करेगा और प्रसन्नचित्त राजकुमार (हैपी प्रिन्स) उसके सुनहरे स्वर्ग की प्रशंसा किया करेगा।

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