Extra Questions and Answers for Weathering the Storm in Erasma Class 9 English Moments

Important questions for Chapter 6 Weathering the Storm in Erasma has been prepared by our expert teachers. Students can read and learn from these questions and these are very important in their examination. Class 9 English Moments Weathering the Storm in Erasma extra questions are very helpful in understanding the chapter. It also help in the revision of the chapter. Students can rely on these important questions and answers taken from the chapter Weathering the Storm in Erasma to get good marks in their English Paper. By understanding these questions, students will be have better knowledge of the story.

Extra Questions and Answers for Weathering the Storm in Erasma Class 9 English Moments

Weathering the Storm in Erasma Extra Questions Class 9 English

Short Answer Type Questions for Weathering the Storm in Erasma

Answer the following questions in 30-40 words.

Question 1: What shocked Prashant? Why? Or What did Prashant see around him after the rain? How did he feel then?
After the rain, Prashant saw a raging, deadly, brown sheet of water everywhere around him. A few fractured cement houses were the only things visible. Bloated animal carcasses and human corpses floated in the water. The trees including the huge ones had fallen down. Prashant felt worried about his family.

Question 2: What did Prashant see on his way to his village which saddened him the most?
On his way back to his village, Prashant saw the havoc caused by the rain and the flood. He saw the villages which had been swept away by the flood and the carcasses and corpses were floating in the water. He had to wade through the water. He couldn't see in any house standing intact the villages. It disappointed and saddened him. He started crying loudly.

Question 3: What was `the miracle' for the family members of Prashant?
Prashant's family had been worried about him. When he did not return for days, they thought they had lost him. But when Prashant's family found him alive at the Red Cross shelter, they were extremely happy. They took it to be 'a miracle' because it wasn't easy to survive the rains and the flood.

Question 4: What did Prashant sense was wrong with the people at the shelter? How did he solve the problem? 
Prashant could sense the feeling of a deadly grief settling fast upon the people in the shelter. They mourned for the people who had died due to the flood and the property they had lost. They also had nothing to eat. Prashant formed teams to resolve these problems. He also organised matches to lift their spirits.

Question 5: What did the Government do to improve life in Orissa? Why did Prashant resist the plan?
To improve the life in Orissa, the Government also decided to set up institutions for orphans and the women. Prashant resisted the plan as he felt these institutions would increase the stigma of widowhood and loneliness in widows. Instead, he encouraged the foster families.

Question 6: What hit Orissa on 27th October, 1999? Or What happened when Prashant had gone to visit his friend in Ersama?
On that day, a super cyclone with a speed of 350 km per hour hit the coastal areas of Orissa. It was followed by continuous heavy rains for two days. Raging ocean waves flooded Orissa.

Question 7: How did Prashant contribute to improve the condition of the shelter?
He organised a team to collect food and other utilities. He formed a team of volunteers to clean the shelter of all the filth, urine, vomiting, and carcasses etc. he uplifted the spirits of the inhabitants emotionally, physically and psychologically.

Question 8: How did Prashant help the children affected by the cyclone and flood?
He set up a polythene shelter for orphans, helped them resettle in their own societies through adoptions and foster families. He organised cricket matches etc to help them recover.

Question 9: How did Prashant help the women affected by the devastating cyclone?
He helped them by providing food and other basic needs. He made them work for NGOs and look after orphans. He helped them set up foster families. He helped them emotionally and psychologically.

Question 10: how did Prashant pass his time during the first two days of the super cyclone?
After the Super Cyclone had hit Ersama, Prashant's friend's house immersed in the water. They were compelled to shift on the roof. They had to spend two days there. They had nothing to eat but the tender coconuts of those two trees which had fallen on the roof.

Question 11: What were the two important tasks Prashant did after deciding to be the leader of the village? 
Prashant was a bold and patient boy. He took the responsibility and became the leader of the village. He organised a group of youths and elders. They put pressure on merchants and compelled them to release some rice for the poor. People got food after many days. Then, he organised a group which cleaned the shelter and took care of the wounded.

Question 12: What did Prashant see when he reached his village?
On reaching his village, Prashant saw everything was devastated. The trees were immersed and their branches appeared above water. His heart turned cold. Houses had been ruined and only their roofs were visible. His whole family had got scattered.

Question 13: How did the villagers make the helicopters drop regular quantities of food?
A group of volunteers collected all the utensils in the shelter. Then, a few small boys were made to lie down on the sand near water with these utensils on their stomachs. This was done to communicate to the helicopters that they needed food as well. The helicopters dropped food regularly after this.

Question 14: How did Prashant escape the fate of his village people during the rain?
Prashant was at his friend's house when the storm struck Orissa. Prashant had to spend two nights on the open rooftop in the rain due to the flood. He survived by eating the coconuts from a tree that had fallen on the roof. However, his village people had to face the fury of the storm. They lost their houses and had to take shelter at the Red Cross shelter.

Short Answer Type Questions for Weathering the Storm in Erasma

Answer the following questions in 100-150 words.

Question 1: How did Prashant infuse the people with new life?
Prashant could not only see physical but also the emotional and the psychological needs. He made a separate shelter for the orphans. He encouraged women to look after the children. He further encouraged them to come out of the stigma. He organised some amusement activities to lighten up their lives. With his leadership quality, he managed to infuse a new life in them. He encouraged the young children to play games and organise cricket matches. He persuaded women to start an NGO and take care of orphaned children.

Question 2: How did the community come together when needed?
The people of the community helped one another by joining hands under the leadership of Prashant. They jointly pressurised the merchant to give rice as everybody was starving. A fire was lighted to cook the rice. It was the first time after the cyclone had hit the area that everyone ate their fill. A team of youth volunteers was organised to clean the shelter and to tend to the wounds and fractures of the people injured in the cyclone.
When the military helicopter dropped some food parcels but did not return, the youth task force gathered empty utensils from the shelter and deputed the children to lie in the sand with these utensils on their stomachs to communicate to the passing helicopters that they were hungry.
The women of Kalikuda looked after the orphaned children. Though they became grief-stricken after a few days, on Prashant's insistence, they also started working in the food-for-work programme started by an NGO.

Question 3: How does Prashant show leadership qualities?
Prashant proved to be an excellent leader. He organised people and raised their morale. He sorted his tasks according to priority. For instance, as safety and hygiene was most important, the first thing he did was to organise a group which would do that. Next was food. He mobilized a group which convinced a merchant to give them food. He came up with brilliant ideas to solve problems. For instance, making children lie down and keeping utensils on their stomachs. He was quite far sighted to understand that widows and orphans will benefit more if they stayed together. He also had the courage to fight against the government efforts and convince them for his idea.

Question 4: How was Prashant an asset to his village?
Prashant shows the true leadership qualities. He motivates people for self-help. His young energy works miracles in awakening people to fight with the after effects of the super cyclone.
Prashant was initially shocked to see the after effects of the cyclone. He first got a grip over himself. Then, he decided to step in as the leader of his village. He organised a group of youths and elders to jointly pressurize a merchant to give them rice. He was successful in this task.
His next task was to organise a team of youth volunteers to clean the shelter and to tend to the wounds of the people who had been injured because of the cyclone. He also brought a number of orphaned children together and constructed a polythene shelter for them. While women were mobilized to look after them, the men secured food and essentials for the shelter. When he realised that the women were becoming too grief-stricken, he persuaded them to start working in the food-for-work programme, which was initiated by an NGO. He also organised sports events for children.
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