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Two Horizons - Binapani Mohanty Questions Answers

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Important Questions for Two Horizons

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Binapani Mohanty

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Panorama Part 2

Questions Answers for Two Horizons by Binapani Mohanty

1. What are the qualities that the daughter admires in her mother?


The mother has a positive effect on all the people around daughter admires this and her mother's unlimited energy and great enthusiasm for life.

2. What did the daughter learn from her mother?


The daughter learned the secret of laughter from her mother. She also learned the Mantra of loving pain and hardship and of loving life from her mother.

3. What had mother advised her daughter?


The mother's advice to her daughter that circle of fulfilment is always limited while unfulfilment is boundless limited) She had advised her not to be afraid. She had also told her she must face the world boldly.

4. Sketch the character of the mother.

Or, Sketch the Character of the mother in the story ‘Two Horizons'.


The character of the mother in the story, 'Two Horizons' is very impressive. She represents the traditional woman of India. She is dutiful to her family. She performs her duties without any protest. She suffers silently, she never expresses her sorrow and pain. She is not afraid of troubles.

My mother is a bit different. She never discourages me. She is always ready to quarrel with anyone provided she finds me at right assertion.

5. How does the mother analyse the situation? Do you agree with her analysis and the solution that she suggests?


In the story 'Two Horizons' the mother represents the traditional Indian Woman, who is not afraid of pain, hardship and troubles. She consoles her daughter that the circle of fulfilment is limited and should be sought within herself while unfulfilment is boundless.

No, I do not agree with such false notion and long term optimism.

6. Describe the relation between the mother and the daughter in 'Two Horizons'.


The bond between the mother and the daughter in the story 'Two Horizons' is strong. The mother is a traditional Indian woman, while her daughter is a typical modern woman. The mother performs her duties without protest. The daughter considers her mother to be an ideal woman who has achieved fulfilment, while she herself finds her life full of weariness and emptiness.

7. Comment on the feelings of the mother in "Two Horizons' that she had after going through her daughter's letter.


The mother was filled with sorrow and weariness after going through her daughter's letter. She could not understand why her daughter was filled with emptiness.

8. Point out the features of the two letters in terms of their format, language and tone.


The features of the two letters are simple exchange of love and affection between a mother and an educated middle class daughter. The format of the language is old. The language is simple. The tone of the daughter is reactionary. Mother’s tone of language is suggestive.

9. What picture of the statue of women in the family is represented in "Two Horizons'?


In the story 'Two Horizons', we find a realistic picture of the status of Indian women in the family. The mother represents the traditional woman while the daughter is the modern woman. They have to suffer silently in the family.

10. "It was only your existence inside me that made me laugh on'. Why does daughter say so? What does she mean by 'laugh on’?


In the story 'Two Horizons' the daughter has written this sentences in her letter to her mother. She says so because she feels that her mother's role as an ideal woman has inspired her to face the troubles in her life.

By 'laugh on' she means that she has to continued to show happiness in spite of pain and hardship.

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