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Gillu - Mahadevi Verma Questions Answers

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Important Questions for Gillu

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Mahadevi Verma

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Panorama Part 2

Questions Answers for Gillu by Mahadevi Verma

1. What did the narrator do with the wounded squirrel?


When the narrator saw the wounded squirrel. She him up and brought him to her room. After wiping the blood his wounds with cotton wool, she applied penicillin on his wounds. Thereafter she also tried to feed his milk and with a thin cotton wool wick.

2. Do you have any pet animal? How does it she concern for you?


Yes, I have a pet animal. It is a beautiful parrot.

I have kept in a cage. Even if I get him out of the cage it does not fly away and comes closer to me. It could touch my feet by its beak showing its love. As soon as he sees an outsider in the house, he starts crying and alerts everybody in the house. He would not eat if he is not served food from hands of my mother. In the evening, it is shifted in my room. It is very fond of taking bread etc. It would inform me by twittering “Chik-Chik” when hungry. When I return from market and open my room, it will express its pleasure by twittering “Chik-Chik”. During the period of my indisposition it becomes sad and expresses its concern by twittering in a peculiar manners. If it would be kept out of its cage, it will come to me and sit beside me to show its concern relating to my indisposition.

3. What was Gillu's favourite food ? How would Gill inform the narrator that he was hungry?


Gillu's favourite food was Kaju. When he did not get Kaju for several days, he would refuse to eat other food items threw them down from the swing. Sometimes he used to eat biscuits also.

When Gillu was hungry, he would inform the writer by 'chik-chik'. Then the writer would give some Kaju or biscuits.

4. How did Gillu make himself cool in summer ? How long does a squirrel live?


Gillu was Mahadevi Verma pet squirrel. He was very intelligent. He had discovered a totally new method to keep himself cool in summer. He would not go outside or sit in his swing because he disliked the summer heat. He would remain in the room where the authoress worked during summer afternoons. In order to make himself cool he would lie prostrate on the surahi kept near her. A squirrel lives for about two years.

5. How did 'Gillu' sustain wounds?


Gillu, the baby squirrel had fallen down from his nest and the two crows were trying to make the baby their easy prey. This had caused wounds in the body of the squirrel and he was almost motionless. He climbed to the pot to save himself from further attack.

6. How did Gillu spent last two days ?


That day Gillu did not eat any thing and did not go out. right he came down from his swing to the narrator's bed and held her finger tightly with his very cold claws. It was the some finger which he had held during his first day when he had been close to death, the claws got colder and colder and he died.

7. Who wounded the tiny squirrel ?


Gillu was a tiny baby squirrel. One day he fell down from a nest near a flower pot on the verandah of Mahadevi Verma's house. Two crows, who wanted to make the tiny squirrel their easy prey, wounded it badly by poking their beaks on its tiny and soft body, thus causing injury to it.

8. How did she try to feed him ?


She tried to feed him by putting a thin cotton wool, wick, dipped in milk to his mouth. He could not open his mouth and the drops of milk slid down from both sides. After trying for several hours. She succeeded in pouring one drop of water in his mouth.

9. How did the writer manage to pour water in the mouth of the motionless tiny baby squirrel ?


The writer tried hard to feed him. Only after survival hours of tending she could manage to pour one drop of water in his mouth.

10. What prompted the narrator to set Gillu free?


Seeing Gillu sitting near the window and affectionately peering at the world outside, made narrator to set free.

11. When was his swing taken off ?


His (Gillu) swing was taken off after his death.

12. What would Gillu do when the narrator worked during summer afternoons?


When the narrator used to work during summer afternoons, Gillu would neither go outside nor sit in his swing.

13. What did the narrator feel at the death of Gillu?


Gillu spent two years with the story writer. She used to love Gillu from the core of her heart and his loss made the writer sad. She was very much perturbed by his death because he was so much closely associated with her. Whenever she was present in her room he would sit near her feet for hours and watch her activities eyes. But after two years of his association with her, he took his last breath.

14. How was Gillu different from the narrator's other animals?


The narrator had many pet animals and birds. All of them loved her, but none of them were brave enough to eat from her plate. How ever Gillu was quite different from the rest of them. As soon as the narrator reached the dinning room, Gillu came in form the window and wanted to sit in the narrator’s plate. He narrator had a lot of difficulty in teaching him to sit close to the plate. There he ate each grain of rice very cleverly.

15. In what situation did the narrator find Gillu? What did she do with it ?


The narrator found Gillu in wounded situation. The narrator gently lifted him up. After wiping blood from his wounds. She applied penicillin ointment. She tried to feed him by putting a thin cotton wool wick. In few days he became much better and returned to his life.

16. How did the narrator try to feed him ?


The narrator try to feed Gillu by putting a thin cotton wool wick dipped in milk to his mouth. After trying for several hours she succeeded in pouring one drop of water in his mouth.

17. When did Gillu make a twittering sound ?


Whenever Gillu was hungry, he made a twittering sound to let the narrator know that he wanted food. Gillu also made this sound when he talked with the other squirrels that often came near the window of the narrator’s room.

18. What is a squirrel’s life span ?


Squirrels have a life span of nearly two years.

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