MCQ Questions for Class 7 English The Rebel Honeycomb

We have provided MCQ Questions for Class 7 English The Rebel Honeycomb with answers here that will put you to an advantage over the other classmates and enable you to work on the weak areas. These MCQ Questions for Class 7 English Honeycomb will fulfil the needs of every students and speed up their learning process. The extensive practice will help you in familiarizing with the pattern of questions and what type of question can appear in the exams.

The Rebel Honeycomb MCQ Questions with answers online test can cover a large portion of syllabus in short span of time and have a great vigour. Efficient preparation will develop necessary skills and and gain experience in problem solving approach.

MCQ Questions for Class 7 English The Rebel Honeycomb

The Rebel Honeycomb MCQ Questions for Class 7 English

1. If Someone doesn't wear school uniform, What will the teacher call him?
(a) A black-sheep
(b) A rebel
(c) A patriot
(d) A funny Boy
► (b) A rebel

2. When others wear uniform, the rebel ______.
(a) make fun of them
(b) talk ill of them
(c) in fantastic clothes
(d) wears-royal robes
► (c) in fantastic clothes

3. The Poem "The Rebel" has been written by ______.
(a) D.J. Enright
(b) Michael Rosen
(c) W. Wordsworth
(d) Tennyson
► (a) D.J. Enright

4. When everyone wants a clear sky. What does the rebel prefer?
(a) Clouds-in-sky
(b) Heavy rain
(c) Bitter cold
(d) Intense heat
► (b) Heavy rain

5. When everybody talks during the lesson, the rebel ______.
(a) also gives them-company
(b) talk ill of other
(c) beat some of them
(d) keeps silent
► (d) keeps silent

6. If people have long hair, the rebel keeps ______.
(a) away from them
(b) short hair
(c) no hair at all
(d) none of these
► (b) short hair

7. In the company of dog lovers, what does the rebel prefer?
(a) Cats
(b) Dogs
(c) Tigers
(d) Hens
► (a) Cats

8. Dogs are faithful to ______.
(a) their master's friend
(b) grown ups
(c) their masters
(d) none of these
► (c) their masters

9. When everybody loves cat, the rebel ______.
(a) loves rats
(b) praises dogs
(c) criticises cats
(d) none of these
► (b) praises dogs

10. When everybody stays at home, the rebel ______.
(a) goes out for shopping
(b) goes to the theatre
(c) goes to the meeting
(d) none of these
► (c) goes to the meeting

11. When every body has short hair, what does the rebel do?
(a) Keeps short hair
(b) Keeps long hair
(c) Gets his hair dye
(d) None of these
► (b) Keeps long hair

12. According to the poem, the rebel does
(a) not behave well
(b) everything expected of him
(c) take challenges
(d) the opposite of what all do
► (d) the opposite of what all do
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