Chapter 1 Who Did Patrick's Homework Class 6 English Summary

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Chapter 1 Who Did Patrick's Homework Class 6 English Summary

Chapter 1 Who Did Patrick's Homework Class 6 English Summary

Patrick never did his homework. He found it too boring. He was only interested in games. He never listened to his teachers. One day, he found his cat playing with a rag doll. But it was not a doll. It was a very tiny man (elf). Patrick grabbed it away. The tiny man requested him to save his life. In return, he promised to grant him a wish.

Patrick asked him to do his homework for thirty five days so that he could score good grades.. The little man (elf) agreed. The elf began doing Patrick’s homework, but needed his help in every subject because he knew nothing about Maths, English or History. Patrick was not aware that he was doing all the work by himself. Patrick was the one who would bring books from the library and find answers needed to complete his homework.

After thirty five days were over, the elf secretly moved out of Patrick's house. Patrick got ‘A’ grade to the surprise of his friends, teachers and parents. Patrick had now completely changed. He had also developed a new attitude. Patrick thought that it was he who had made the elf do all his homework but the truth was that he had done it himself.

Word Meanings

• Nintendo - a video game
• Ignoramus - uneducated
• Elf - small and naughty fairy boy
• Tiniest - very small
• Britches - short trousers
• Semester- a period of six month
• Dishcloth - cloth used to mop the dishes
• Hamper - a basket with cover
• Grimaced - make faces with anger
• Scowled - to raise the eye brows,
• Pursed his lips - to show disapproval by circling the lips
• Cursed - unfortunate
• Glitch - problem
• Squeaked - high pitched cry
• Look up - to see
• Sound it out - to speak
• Out of luck - bad luck
• Shrieked - cried
• Nag - troublesome
• Weary - tired
• Putted and bleary - gobbled and dim sighted
• Slyly - secretively
• Model kid - ideal boy
• Chores - daily work
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