Trees Poem Class 7 English Summary

Trees Poem Class 7 English Summary will help in understanding the complex word meanings easily. These notes will be make sure that a student has understood the specifics of every chapter in clear and precise manner. It will make entire memorizing process effortless and entertaining. NCERT Solutions for Trees English that can make things a little easier for you. It will help you in getting the crux of the chapter.

Trees Poem Class 7 English Summary

Trees Poem Class 7 English Summary

In this poem, the poet describes what are trees for. Trees are for the birds who build their nests in their leaves and a place to play under for children. They make tree houses in them and hide behind them while playing 'hide and seek'.  Trees are for the people to enjoy their tea parties under their shade.

Kites get caught in branches of the trees and people get a chance to climb them and reach the kite. During the summer season, trees provide cool and soothing shade while during the winter season, they allow the sunrays to pass through and provide warmth. The tree even gives us fruits like
apples and pear. When the tree is cut, its wood is called timber which is very useful. 

The beauty of the trees attracts and captivates the mothers who wish to paint a beautiful picture of the lovely trees and make fathers say about the fallen leaves that need to be cleared during autumn.

Word Meanings

• Tree houses - Small shelters over trees
• Swing - To move forward and backward
• Chop down - To-cut
• Rake - Gather
• Fall - Autumn season
• Timber - Wood used for furniture
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