Chapter 10 The Banyan Tree Class 6 English Summary

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Chapter 10 The Banyan Tree Class 6 English Summary

Chapter 10 The Banyan Tree Class 6 English Summary

Part I

The narrator lived in his grandparents' house in Dehradun. There grew a huge banyan tree which was a natural habitat for squirrels, snails and butterflies. The author had built a crude platform halfway up the tree. He would spend his afternoons there. His first friend was a small grey squirrel and he offered pieces of cake and biscuits. He used the platform as his library. When the author did not feel like reading, he would look down at the world below.

Part II

One day the author saw a cobra coming out of a clump of cactus. A mongoose also came out at the same time and they came face to face with each other. Both got ready for a fight. The mongoose fixed his look just below the cobra's hood and opened the attack. The fight started. Every time the cobra attacked, the mongoose sprang aside, jumped in and bit. Besides the author, there were two other amused spectators, a myna and a crow. They settled on the cactus to watch the outcome. The cobra stood on the defensive, swaying slowly from side to side  The mongoose made quick, swift moves keeping his eyes fixed just below the cobra’s hood and opened attack and bit the cobra’s back. At the same moment, the myna and the crow hurled themselves at the cobra and collided in mid air. The cobra struck and missed. Again the mongoose sprang aside, jumped in and bit.

During third time, the crow was struck by the cobra and fell dead. The two birds thought he was dead and flew down to feed themselves on the dead cobra. But cobra was still alive and he bit the crow with his fangs full of venom. The myna flew on and reached its perch. The mongoose once again attacked the cobra that was breathless and could not fight any more. He coiled himself in surrender and the mongoose dragged him into the bushes. The myna flew away empty handed.

Word Meanings

• Magnificent - excellent
• Took root again - got into the earth
• Twisting - zig-zag
• Fangs - teeth containing poison
• Crude - ugly
• Grandstand view - clear views
• Warm breezes - hot winds
• Drowsy - sleepy
• Gliding - crawling
• Swaying - moving here and there
• Unwinking - not flapping
• Hood - broad head
• Hurled - Threw
• Shrieking - crying loudly
• Glistened - sparkled
• Bumped - struck
• Perched - landed
• Whipped -  turned and moved
• Fluttered - flapped wings
• Snout - projecting nose
• Writhed - twisting the body in pain
• Grimly - fiercely
• Quivering - trembling
• Snap - attack
• Coiled - wrapped
• Hung grimly on - catch gloomily
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