Beauty Class 6 English Summary

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Beauty Class 6 English Summary

Beauty Class 6 English Summary

The poem 'Beauty' talks about the things that lies all around. The beauty can be seen in the sunlight, trees, birds. When crops are growing and after when people see their harvest, they dance joyfully. It gives pleasure to all our senses.

The beauty can be hear when the breeze blows it makes a whistling sound, the falling of the rains also has a beauty like a singer sings an enchanting song.

The beauty lies within us. The beauty can be felt in every good deed and happy thought that is repeated in our dreams, in our work and even while we are resting.

Word Meanings:

• Chanting - say repeatedly in a sing-song tone
• Sighing - a long, deep breath
• Earnest - showing sincere and intense conviction
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