Chapter 9 A Bicycle in Good Repair Class 7 English Summary

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Chapter 9 A Bicycle in Good Repair Class 7 English Summary

Chapter 9 A Bicycle in Good Repair Class 7 English Summary

Once a friend of the author proposed to him to go on a long bicycle ride to which the narrator agreed. Next morning, the man arrived late and started examining the narrator's bicycle. He holds it by the front wheel and the fork and shakes it vigorously. The author tries to stop him from doing this but he, pretending to be an expert, says that the front wheel wobbles and needs repairing, as it is quite dangerous to drive it like this. He asked for a hammer.

When the narrator returned from the tool shed with the hammer, he found the man holding the front wheel between his legs and the rest of the machine was lying on the path. He tells the author that the bearings seem to be wrong. The author tries to stop him there. The friend doesn't listen to him
and opens the wheel and there roll out of it a dozen little bolts. He cries and asks the author to catch them as the loss of any of them will make a serious difference to the machine. Both of them took about half an hour just to find those balls and so finally kept all those balls in his hat at the doorstep, to keep them safely.

His friend then started tackling the bicycle’s chain and then he turned his attention towards the gear box. As soon as he opened the box, he lost the screws. He collected some from the ground and then gave up looking for the rest. Then the narrator and the man started refixing the front wheel and with great difficulty they put the wheel back into its place. Suddenly the friend realised that he had forgotten to put the balls which were rolling in the middle of the path. The author sarcastically said that he likes his friend's unbelievable and mysterious self-confidence. 

When they put all of it back, the bicycle began to wobble even more than it had wobbled before. A rough fight took place between the friend and the bicycle when he set to refix the gear-case. One moment the cycle was on the ground and the friend was on top of it and the next moment, it was the other way round. Finally, at quarter to one, he is bleeding and untidy.

Word Meanings

• whacking - striking
• wobble - move unsteadily from side to side
• twiddling - turning
• remnant - remaining parts
• grovelled - crawled on the ground
• see to the chain - check or examine the chain
• ravages - damages
• lunatic - mad person
• muddle - mix up things
• topsy-turvy - upside down
• inexplicable - mysterious
• degenerated into - were reduced to
• scruff of the neck - Back to the neck
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