Chapter 10 Mensuration Class 6 Notes Maths

You will find Chapter 10 Mensuration Class 6 Notes Maths here that will make you aware of the all the topics and ensure consistency in the preparation level. Class 6 Revision notes will make it easier for the students to comprehend the concepts due to use of easy language. Also, NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Chapter 10 Maths that will help in completing homework on time. A student will understand the various factors through which one can improve their efficiency and eventually scores higher in the exam.

Chapter 10 Mensuration Class 6 Notes Maths


• Perimeter is the distance covered along the boundary forming a closed figure when you go round the figure once.

• Perimeter of a rectangle = 2 × (length + breadth)

• Perimeter of a square = 4 × length of a side.

• Perimeter of an equilateral triangle = 3 × length of a side.

• Perimeter of a regular pentagon = 5 × length of one side.


• The amount of surface enclosed by a closed figure is called its area.

• To calculate the area of a figure using a squared paper:
(a) Ignore portions of the area that are less than half a square.
(b) If more than half a square is in a region. Count it as one square.
(c) If exactly half the square is counted, take its area as 1/2 sq units.

• Area of rectangle = length × breadth.

• Area of a square = side × side.
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