MCQ Questions for Class 12 History: Ch 5 Through the eyes of travellers

MCQ Questions for Class 12 History: Ch 5 Through the eyes of travellers

1. The jeweller who travelled to India many times was
(a) Duarte Barbosa
(b) Roberto Nobili
(c) Jean-Baptiste Tavernier
(d) Fran├žois Bernier
► (c) Jean-Baptiste Tavernier

2. According to Ibn Battuta's account, the city that rivalled Delhi was:
(a) Multan
(b) Gwalior
(c) Lahore
(d) Daulatabad
► (d) Daulatabad

3. The merchant community in western India was known as
(a) Dola.
(b) Wakil.
(c) Mahajans.
(d) Sheth.
► (c) Mahajans.

4. The European traveller who visited India and China was
(a) Peter Mundy.
(b) Marco Polo.
(c) Francois Bernier.
(d) Antonio Monserrate.
► (b) Marco Polo.

5. The mahajans were collectively represented by the chief of the merchant community known as
(a) maulvis.
(b) mullas.
(c) nagarsheths.
(d) sheshtis.
► (c) nagarsheths.

6. Ibn Battuta had set off for India in the year:
(a) 1221-1222 CE.
(b) 1332-1333 CE.
(c) 1347-1348 CE.
(d) 1411-1412 CE.
► (b) 1332-1333 CE.

7. The eldest son of Shah Jahan was:
(a) Dara Shukoh.
(b) Aurangzeb.
(c) Shah Shuja.
(d) Murad.
► (a) Dara Shukoh.

8. The chief of the merchant community, in urban centres, was known as:
(a) Nagarsheth.
(b) Mahajans.
(c) Mullas.
(d) Vaids.
► (a) Nagarsheth.

9. The traveller whose account was compared with that of Marco Polo was
(a) Al-Biruni.
(b) Ibn Battuta.
(c) Ibn Juzayy.
(d) Abdur Razzaq Samarqandi.
► (b) Ibn Battuta.

10. Who wrote the book 'Kitab-ul-Hind'?
(a) Al-Biruni.
(b) Abdur Razzaq Samarqandi.
(c) Ibn Juzayy.
(d) Ibn Battuta. 
► (a) Al-Biruni.

11. Which one of the following is written by Ibn Battuta.?
(a) Kitab-ul-Hind
(b) Rihla
(c) Dihal
(d) Deccan-e-Hind
► (b) Rihla

12. Al-Biruni was born in 973, in ________
(a) Syria
(b) Kabul
(c) Ghazni
(d) Khwarizm
► (d) Khwarizm

13. Bernier’s works were published in France in _____.
(a) 1668-69
(b) 1669-70
(c) 1670-71
(d) 1672-74
► (c) 1670-71

14. The French philosopher Montesquieu used whose account to develop the idea of oriental despotism?
(a) Al-Biruni.
(b) Abdur Razzaq Samarqandi.
(c) Bernier
(d) Ibn Battuta. 
► (c) Bernier
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