MCQ Questions for Class 12 History: Ch 10 Colonialism and the countryside

MCQ Questions for Class 12 History: Ch 10 Colonialism and the countryside

1. Till 1832, a large area of land given to Santhals was demarcated as
(a) Damin-i-Koh.
(b) Twenty four kos.
(c) Santhal property.
(d) Paharias property.
► (a) Damin-i-Koh.

2. Under the Ryotwari system, the lands were resurveyed
(a) every 10 years.
(b) every 20 years.
(c) every 30 years.
(d) every 40 years.
► (c) every 30 years.

3. Taluqdar refers to
(a) Government official.
(b) King's official.
(c) One who holds territorial unit.
(d) poor peasants.
► (c) One who holds territorial unit.

4. The life span of Maharaja Mehtab Chand was
(a) 1830-1889.
(b) 1820-1879.
(c) 1825-1863.
(d) 1832-1888.
► (b) 1820-1879.

5. Zamindars were responsible for
(a) extraction of minerals from the hills.
(b) cotton trade with the British.
(c) maintaining bahi khatas for the British.
(d) Paying revenue to the Company.
► (d) Paying revenue to the Company.

6. Professionally, Buchanan was a/an
(a) archaeologist.
(b) physician.
(c) philosopher.
(d) viceroy.
► (b) physician.

7. The jotedars, who were more powerful than zamindars in rural Bengal, were most powerful in
(a) East Bengal.
(b) North Bengal.
(c) South Bengal.
(d) West Bengal.
► (b) North Bengal.

8. The Royatwari system was implemented mainly in
(a) Bombay Deccan
(b) Calcutta and Northern India
(c) Northern India only
(d) Bihar and Assam.
► (a) Bombay Deccan

9. Village headmen in Bengal were known as
(a) Jotedars.
(b) Ryots.
(c) Amins.
(d) Amlahs.
► (a) Jotedars.

10. The Company established its rule in Bengal in mid
(a) 1770s.
(b) 1760s.
(c) 1750s.
(d) 1740s.
► (b) 1760s.

11. Who introduced Permanent Settlement?
(a) Lord William Bentinck
(b) Lord Cornwalis
(c) Lord Northbrook
(d) Lord Lytton
► (b) Lord Cornwalis

12. ______ were the tribes living in the foothills of Rajmahal hills.
(a) Gonds
(b) Garo
(c) Santhals
(d) Mundas
► (c) Santhals

13. Which commission was set up to investigate the riots of Deccan’s farmer in 1875?
(a) Deccan riots commission
(b) Hyderabad riots commission
(c) Bengal riots commission
(d) Chota Nagpur Plateau riots commission
► (a) Deccan riots commission

14. The group of rich farmers were known as ____.
(a) Zamindars
(b) Grihpatis
(c) Bhoomipatis
(d) Jotedars
► (d) Jotedars
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