MCQ Questions for Class 12 History: Ch 7 An Imperial Capital: Vijayanagara

MCQ Questions for Class 12 History: Ch 7 An Imperial Capital: Vijayanagara

1. Krishnadeva Raya composed a work on statecraft known as the Amuktamalyada in
(a) Kannada.
(b) Malayalam.
(c) Tamil.
(d) Telugu.
► (d) Telugu.

2. Krishnadeva Raya ascended the throne in the year
(a) 1507 AD.
(b) 1509 AD.
(c) 1503 AD.
(d) 1512 AD.
► (b) 1509 AD.

3. 'Amara' is believed to be derived from the Sanskrit word
(a) Suratrana.
(b) Samara.
(c) Sultan.
(d) Amir.
► (b) Samara.

4. The scenes from Ramayana were sculpted on the inner walls of:
(a) Lotus Mahal
(b) Hazara Rama Temple
(c) Virupaksha Temple
(d) Vitthala Temple
► (b) Hazara Rama Temple

5. When did Krishnadeva Raya die?
(a) 1527 AD
(b) 1529 AD
(c) 1533 AD
(d) 1537 AD
► (b) 1529 AD

6. In 1565 AD, the Vijayanagara army fought the battle of Rakshasi-Tangadi under
(a) Krishnadeva Raya
(b) Rama Raya
(c) Harihara
(d) Bukka
► (b) Rama Raya

7. The Portuguese traveller who jointly called the 'Audience Hall and Mahanavami Dibba' as the “House of Victory" was
(a) Duarte Barbosa.
(b) Afanasii Nikitin.
(c) Fernao Nuniz.
(d) Domingo Paes.
► (d) Domingo Paes.

8. The ruins at Hampi were brought to light in 1800 by
(a) Alexander Greenlaw.
(b) Colonel Colin Mackenzie.
(c) Fernao Nuniz.
(d) J.F. Fleet.
► (b) Colonel Colin Mackenzie.

9. Hampi was recognised as a site of national importance in
(a) 1976.
(b) 1969.
(c) 1972.
(d) 1966.
► (a) 1976.

10. The ruins of Hampi were brought to light in:
(a) 1800
(b) 1845
(c) 1856
(d) 1858
► (a) 1800

11. Hampi town is located in the bank of which river?
(a) Ganges River.
(b) Tunghbhadra River.
(c) Satluj River.
(d) Godavari River.
► (b) Tunghbhadra River.

12. Krishnadeva Raya's successors were disturbed by the rebellious _____.
(a) Bijapur
(b) Naykas
(c) Cholas
(d) Cheras
► (b) Naykas

13. Which goddess is called Pampa?
(a) Goddess Parvati.
(b) Goddess Saraswati.
(c) Goddess Lakshmi.
(d) None of the above
► (a) Goddess Parvati.

14. Which ancient city was founded by Colin Meckenzie??
(a) Bijapur
(b) Golconda
(c) Kamalapuram 
(d) Hampi
► (d) Hampi
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