MCQ Questions for Class 11 Sociology: Ch 4 Culture and Socialisation

MCQ Questions for Class 11 Sociology: Ch 4 Culture and Socialisation

1. A process of interaction which enables us to develop the skills we need to participate in human society is known as
(a) social behaviour.
(b) social interaction.
(c) socialization.
(d) culture.
► (c) socialization.

2. “A way of life in which all members of a society participate” is defined as
(a) plurality.
(b) inequality.
(c) culture.
(d) socialization.
► (c) culture.

3. The most important agent of socialization in early childhood is
(a) The mass media.
(b) A peer group.
(c) The family.
(d) A preschool.
► (c) The family.

4. Colonization is an example of
(a) external changes.
(b) acculturation.
(c) industrialization.
(d) westernization.
► (a) external changes.

5. The rights and responsibilities associated with the person's social position is known as
(a) social status.
(b) social roles.
(c) caste.
(d) class.
► (b) social roles.

6. “The process whereby the helpless infant gradually becomes a self- aware, knowledgeable person, skilled in the ways of the culture into which he/she is born” is known as
(a) social group.
(b) socialization.
(c) culture.
(d) institutions.
► (b) socialization.

7. The tendency to evaluate other cultures according to one’s own cultural values is known as:
(a) Cosmopolitanism
(b) Ethnoentrism
(c) Accommodation
(d) Acculturation
► (b) Ethnoentrism

8. This dimension of culture allows us to process information that we see and hear.
(a) Normative
(b) Material
(c) Cognitive
(d) Non-Material
► (c) Cognitive

9. Identify the primary agency of socialization:
(a) Media
(b) Family
(c) School
(d) Work place
► (b) Family

10. Which rule derives its authority from the state?
(a) Mores
(b) Norms
(c) Laws
(d) Folkways
► (c) Laws

11. Normative aspects of culture include
(a) folkways, mores and customs.
(b) learning and understanding.
(c) technologies and machines.
(d) identity.
► (a) folkways, mores and customs.

12. Culture comprises of inherited artifacts, goods. technical process. ideas, habits and values.’ Identify the sociologist who stated this-
(a) Clifford Geertz
(b) Malinowski
(c) Edward Tylor
(d) Walter Ong
► (b) Malinowski

13. A way of thinking, feeling and believing is known as
(a) sociological imagination.
(b) social interaction.
(c) social sanction.
(d) culture.
► (d) culture.

14. The process through which one becomes the member of society is known as
(a) modernization.
(b) industrialization.
(c) socialization.
(d) liberalization.
► (c) socialization.

15. The process of socialization which takes place in school and other institutions is known as
(a) secondary socialization.
(b) primary socialization.
(c) education.
(d) personality development.
► (a) secondary socialization.
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