MCQ Questions for Class 11 History: Ch 10 Displacing Indigenous Peoples

MCQ Questions for Class 11 History: Ch 10 Displacing Indigenous Peoples

1. Karl Marx described the American frontier as ‘the last positive capitalist utopia” in his book
(a) Grundrisse
(b) Das Kapital
(c) The Communist Manifesto
(d) The German Ideology
► (a) Grundrisse

2. The French Canadian rebellion occurred in the year:
(a) 1837
(b) 1838
(c) 1839
(d) 1840
► (a) 1837

3. The term Terra Nullius means:
(a) Land belonging to nobody
(b) Land belonging to natives
(c) Land belonging to the state
(d) Land of immigrants
► (a) Land belonging to nobody

4. The Native American tribe, which was forcibly evicted by US President Andrew Jackson, was ____________.
(a) Hopis
(b) Cherokees
(c) Metis
(d) Ottawas
► (b) Cherokees

5. Europeans wanted to cut down native forests and replace them with
(a) Sugarcane fields
(b) Rice fields
(c) Cornfields
(d) Cotton fields
► (c) Cornfields

6. The year in which Amerigo de Vespucci’s Travels was published was
(a) 1508
(b) 1507
(c) 1509
(d) 1510
► (b) 1507

7. Britain recognised the USA as an independent country inA.178
(a) 1781
(b) 1782
(c) 1783
(d) 1784
► (a) 1781

8. In Canada, the Metis revolted against the colonization of their land between
(a) 1869 and 1885
(b) 1870 and 1885
(c) 1871 and 1885
(d) 1872 and 1885
► (a) 1869 and 1885

9. The Constitution Act in America, which accepted the existing aboriginal and treaty rights of the natives, was passed in the year
(a) 1984
(b) 1986
(c) 1982
(d) 1988
► (c) 1982

10. Workers who provided cheap labour in Australia were -
(a) Chinese immigrants
(b) African slaves
(c) Australian aborigines
(d) Indian labourers
► (a) Chinese immigrants

11. The ______ were the original inhabitants of one of the American state i.e., Georgia.
(a) Cherokees
(b) Georgians
(c) Maya
(d) Aztecs
► (a) Cherokees

12. The subject of Anthropology was introduced in North America from the ______
(a) 1820s
(b) 1830s
(c) 1840s
(d) 1850s
► (c) 1840s

13. Which law gave natives in reservations the right to buy land and take loans?
(a) Indian Reorganisation Act of 1932 CE.
(b) Indian Reorganisation Act of 1934 CE.
(c) Indian Reorganisation Act of 1936 CE.
(d) Indian Reorganisation Act of 1938 CE.
► (b) Indian Reorganisation Act of 1934 CE.

14. The natives of North America accepted citizenship of the USA by the _______ in 1954 CE
(a) Declaration of Indian Rights
(b) Declaration of British Rights
(c) Declaration of United States Rights
(d) Declaration of America Rights
► (a) Declaration of Indian Rights

15. The _______ began to arrive on the continent of Australia over forty thousand years ago.
(a) Aztecs
(b) Cherokees
(c) Aborigines
(d) Ottawas
► (c) Aborigines
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