MCQ Questions for Class 11 Geography: Ch 16 Biodiversity and Conservation

MCQ Questions for Class 11 Geography: Ch 16 Biodiversity and Conservation

1. Each couple should produce only two children which will help in
(a) Checking pollution
(b) Stabilizing the ecosystem
(c) Fertility of soil
(d) Improving food web
► (b) Stabilizing the ecosystem

2. The percentage of species that are contained by Tropical rain forests are
(a) 10%
(b) 40%
(c) 50%
(d) 60%
► (c) 50%

3. In a more diverse ecosystem
(a) It is easy to survive.
(b) Survival is very difficult.
(c) Resources are scarce.
(d) Species are less.
► (a) It is easy to survive.

4. Growth in human population has increased the rate of
(a) Death per year.
(b) Conservation of natural resources.
(c) Research of new species.
(d) Consumption of natural resources.
► (d) Consumption of natural resources.

5. Bio-diversity is important for
(a) animal existence.
(b) human existence.
(c) development.
(d) plant existence.
► (b) human existence.

6. The Government of India passed the Wild life Protection Act in the year
(a) 1970
(b) 1971
(c) 1972
(d) 1973
► (c) 1972

7. IUCN publishes information about endangered species world-wide as the
(a) Red list.
(b) Green list.
(c) Blue list.
(d) Yellow list.
► (a) Red list.

8. National parks and sanctuaries are established for the purpose of
(a) hunting.
(b) conservation.
(c) recreation.
(d) pets.
► (b) conservation.

9. Biodiversity has contributed in the development of
(a) human population.
(b) human culture.
(c) environment.
(d) technology.
► (b) human culture.

10. Endangered species are listed under the category of
(a) blue list.
(b) red list.
(c) green list.
(d) yellow list.
► (b) red list.

11. Which is of the following is not true regarding the causes of loss of Biodiversity?
(a) Conservation of animals
(b) Illegal Hunting
(c) Natural calamities
(d) Pesticides
► (a) Conservation of animals

12. _______ are the basic building blocks of various life forms.
(a) Genes
(b) Trees
(c) Biosphere
(d) Species
► (a) Genes

13. Areas rich in species diversity are called ________ of diversity.
(a) Species
(b) Hotspots
(c) Recreation
(d) None of the above
► (b) Hotspots

14. Species which are not the natural inhabitants of the local habitat but are introduced into the system, are called:
(a) Endangered Species
(b) Exotic Species
(c) Vulnerable Species
(d) Rare Species
► (b) Exotic Species
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