MCQ Questions for Class 11 Geography: Ch 15 Life on the Earth

MCQ Questions for Class 11 Geography: Ch 15 Life on the Earth

1. Abiotic factors include
(a) Producers
(b) Consumers
(c) Decomposers
(d) Sunlight
► (d) Sunlight

2. Mineral salts come directly from
(a) Earth crust
(b) Water cycle
(c) Atmosphere
(d) Forest biome
► (a) Earth crust

3. Freshwater ecosystem includes
(a) Oceans
(b) Coastal estuaries
(c) Coral reefs
(d) Streams
► (d) Streams

4. The boundaries of different biomes on land are determined mainly by
(a) Climate
(b) Temperature
(c) Human activities
(d) Humidity
► (a) Climate

5. Temperate Steppe is a subtype of which biome?
(a) Forest
(b) Desert
(c) Grassland
(d) Aquatic
► (c) Grassland

6. Tropical grasslands are also known as the
(a) Prairies
(b) Savannas
(c) Steppes
(d) Velds
► (b) Savannas

7. Which of the following in biology is the energy currency of cells?
(a) PDP
(b) DTP
(c) ATP
(d) ADP
► (c) ATP

8. A freshwater ecosystem is
(a) Oceans
(b) Estuaries
(c) Coral reefs
(d) Marshes
► (d) Marshes

9. Which of the following organism have parasitic mode of nutrition?
(a) Penicillium
(b) Plasmodium
(c) Paramecium
(d) Parrot
► (b) Plasmodium

10. The type of soil the desert biome has is
(a) Porous with thin layers of humus
(b) Rich in nutrients with little organic matter
(c) Acidic, poor in nutrients
(d) Fertile alluvial
► (b) Rich in nutrients with little organic matter

11. The earliest man on the earth is known as:
(a) Homoerectus
(b) Homosapien
(c) Homophobic
(d) None of the above
► (b) Homosapien

12. Which includes all the living components of the earth.
(a) Hydrosphere
(b) Atmosphere
(c) Biosphere
(d) Lithosphere
► (c) Biosphere

13. When various plants and animal species have got adapted through evolution is called:
(a) Ecological adaptation
(b) Hydrological adaptation
(c) Homological adaptation
(d) None of the above
► (a) Ecological adaptation

14. Which is a plant and animal community that covers a large geographical area?
(a) Biosphere
(b) Biome
(c) Marshes
(d) Prairies
► (b) Biome
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