MCQ Questions for Class 11 Business Studies: Ch 10 International Business

MCQ Questions for Class 11 Business Studies: Ch 10 International Business

1. Which one of the following is not amongst India's major trading partners?
(a) Germany
(b) New Zealand
(c) UK
(d) USA
► (b) New Zealand

2. A receipt issued by the commanding officer of the ship when the cargo is loaded on the ship is known as
(a) Cargo receipt
(b) Mate receipt
(c) Shipping receipt
(d) Charter receipt
► (b) Mate receipt

3. Foreign investment can be of two types
(a) Domestic and International investment
(b) Direct and Protfolio
(c) Licencing and Franchising
(d) Direct and Franchising
► (b) Direct and Protfolio

4. The document containing the guarantee of a bank to honour drafts drawn on it by an exporter is
(a) Letter of hypothetication
(b) Letter of credit
(c) Bill of exchange
(d) Bill of lading
► (b) Letter of credit

5. In which of the following modes of entry, does the domestic manufacturer give the right to use intellectual property such as patent and trademark to a manufacturer in a foreign country for a fee
(a) Joint venture
(b) Licensing
(c) Contract manufacturing
(d) None of the above
► (b) Licensing

6. Which one of the following modes of entry requires higher level of risks?
(a) Licensing
(b) Contract manufacturing
(c) Franchising
(d) Joint venture
► (d) Joint venture

7. The method of obtaining payment from the importer is:
(a) By getting bill of exchange b)Discounting the bills
(b) By getting Letter of Credit
(c) By Foreign Draft
(d) All of the above
► (d) All of the above

8. Which of the following documents is not required in connection with an import transaction?
(a) Certificate of origin
(b) Bill of lading
(c) Shipping bill
(d) Shipment advice
► (c) Shipping bill

9. W.T.O is the only organization dealing with the:
(a) Home trade rules
(b) Entrepot trade rules
(c) Global trade rules
(d) None of the above
► (c) Global trade rules

10. Import trade procedure starts with
(a) Obtaining quota
(b) Arranging L.C
(c) Trade enquiry
(d) Placing Indent
► (b) Trade enquiry

11. When two or more firms come together to create a new business entity that is legally separate and distinct from its parents it is known as
(a) Franchising
(b) Contract manufacturing
(c) Joint Ventures
(d) Licensing
► (c) Joint Ventures

12. Which one of the following modes of entry permits greatest degree of control over overseas operations?
(a) Contract manufacturing
(b) Licensing
(c) Wholly owned subsidiary
(d) Joint venture
► (c) Wholly owned subsidiary

13. Which one of the following modes of entry brings the firm closer to international markets?
(a) Joint venture
(b) Franchising
(c) Licensing
(d) Contract manufacturing
► (a) Joint venture

14. Which one of the following is not a document related to fulfill the customs formalities
(a) Letter of insurance
(b) Shipping bill
(c) Export license
(d) Proforma invoice
► (d) Proforma invoice

15. Which of the following document is prepared by the exporter and includes details of the cargo in terms of the shippers name, the number of packages, the shipping bill, port of destination, name of the vehicle carrying the cargo?
(a) Shipping bill
(b) Mate's receipt
(c) Packaging list
(d) Bill of exchange
► (a) Shipping bill

16. Which one of the following is not a part of export documents?
(a) Commercial invoice
(b) Mate's receipt
(c) Certificate of origin
(d) Bill of entry
► (d) Bill of entry

17. The degree of mobility of factors of production like labour and capital is relatively more within in _________
(a) Domestic Business
(b) International business
(c) Both Domestic and International business
(d) None of the above
► (a) Domestic Business

18. Which of the following documents are not required for obtaining an export license?
(a) IEC number
(b) Registration cum membership certificate
(c) Letter of credit
(d) Bank account number
► (c) Letter of credit
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