MCQ Questions for Class 8 Civics: Ch 7 Understanding Marginalisation

MCQ Questions for Class 8 Civics: Ch 7 Understanding Marginalisation

1. What literally means the original inhabitants?
(a) Adivasis
(b) Minorities
(c) Ghetto
(d) Devoid
► (a) Adivasis

2. How much of Muslims are literate?
(a) 65%
(b) 59%
(c) 80%
(d) 94%
► (b) 59%

3. What is use of timber?
(a) Construction of houses
(b) Railways
(c) Furnitures
(d) All of these
► (d) All of these

4. How much is population of the Adivasis in India?
(a) 2%
(b) 4%
(c) 8%
(d) 16%
► (c) 8%

5. Certain groups feels marginalised due to factors, like:
(a) Social and cultural
(b) Economic
(c) Political
(d) All of these
► (d) All of these

6. Stereotyping of Adivasis is related to their being:
(a) Exotic
(b) Primitive
(c) Backward
(d) All the above

7. Niyamgiri is a scared mountain of ?
(a) Adivasis
(b) Religious people
(c) Both (a) & (b)
(d) None of these
► (c) Both (a) & (b)

8. Tribal's are also referred to as
(a) Adevasip
(b) Abivasis
(c) Adivasis
(d) Adiviya
► (c) Adivasis

9. In social environment, Marginalisation is due to :
(a) Different Language
(b) Different Religion
(c) Minority
(d) All of these
► (d) All of these

10. A person who does not get adequate nutrition or food is known as:
(a) malnourished
(b) nourished
(c) well-nourished
(d) none of these
► (a) malnourished

11. The caste system is a hierarchical system and Dalits are considered to be
(a) at the lowest end
(b) at the top end
(c) no where
(d) at the middle end
► (a) at the lowest end

12. An area where the presence of the armed forces is considerable.
(a) Militarysed
(b) Miletarised
(c) Melitarised
(d) Militarised
► (d) Militarised

13. The poet Chokhamela belonged to which caste
(a) Munda
(b) Gond
(c) Mahar
(d) Santhal
► (c) Mahar

14. In 2003, the Safai Karamchari Andolan and 13 other organisations and individuals, including seven scavengers, filed a PIL in the
(a) High Court
(b) Local Court
(c) Supreme Court
(d) District Court
► (c) Supreme Court

15. ________ is a locality which is populated largely by members of a particular community.
(a) Ghetto
(b) Adivasis
(c) Minorities
(d) None of these
► (a) Ghetto

16. The minorities are forced to live on the margins of economic and social development, this is known as
(a) malnourished
(b) marginalisation
(c) displaced
(d) all of these
► (b) marginalisation
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