MCQ Questions for Class 7 Civics: Ch 9 A shirt in the Market

MCQ Questions for Class 7 Civics: Ch 9 A shirt in the Market

1. The amount that is left or gained from earnings after deducting all the costs. If the costs are more than the earnings, it would lead to a loss.
(a) Profit
(b) Expenditure
(c) Income
(d) Revenue
► (a) Profit

2. Budh bazaar and Shani bazaar are the example of
(a) Shopping complex
(b) Weekly market
(c) International market
(d) Shops in neighbourhood
► (b) Weekly market

3. When the Buying and selling takes place ______ in the chain
(a) In the end
(b) Every step
(c) In the mid only
(d) In the beginning
► (b) Every step

4. Weaver's _____ are one way to reduce the dependence on the merchant and to earn a higher income for the weavers.
(a) Traders
(b) Company
(c) Cooperatives
(d) Partnership
► (c) Cooperatives

5. These markets are not daily markets but are to be found at a particular place on one or maybe two days of the week. These markets most often sell everything that a household needs ranging from vegetables to clothes to utensils.
(a) Fortnight market
(b) Weekly market
(c) Monthly market
(d) Day Market
► (b) Weekly market

6. ______ removes the seeds and presses the cotton into bales
(a) Ginning Mill
(b) Traders
(c) Dealers
(d) Spinning Mill
► (a) Ginning Mill

7. Who earn the least in the Erode market
(a) Consumer
(b) Agents
(c) Retailer
(d) Weaver
► (d) Weaver

8. Where can one-buy branded product from
(a) Wholesale market
(b) Neighbour shops
(c) Shopping complex
(d) Weekly market
► (c) Shopping complex

9. A chain of market links the producer of cotton to the buyer at the ___
(a) Shopping complex
(b) Mall
(c) Weekly market
(d) Supermarket
► (d) Supermarket

10. This refers to buying and selling in large quantities. Most products, including vegetables, fruits and flowers have special wholesale markets.
(a) Sellers
(b) Retail
(c) Wholesale
(d) Shopkeepers
► (c) Wholesale

11. What work do the women at the Impex garment factory produce
(a) Buttoning
(b) Thread cutting
(c) Ironing
(d) All of these
► (d) All of these

12. A series of markets that are connected like links in a chain because products pass from one market to another.
(a) Chain of shops
(b) Chain of traders
(c) Chain of mall
(d) Chain of markets
► (d) Chain of markets

13. Erode's bi-weekly cloth market in Tamil Nadu is one of the largest cloth markets in the ___.
(a) State
(b) World
(c) India
(d) Asia
► (b) World

14. Putting out system is prevalent in the ___ industry in most region of India
(a) Ginning
(b) Weaving
(c) Spinning
(d) Irrigation
► (b) Weaving

15. What is the key factor that distinguishes the place people but from
(a) Political status
(b) Economic status
(c) Social status
(d) Cultural status
► (b) Economic status

16. This is an enclosed shopping space. This is usually a large building with many floors that has shops, restaurants and, at times, even a cinema theatre. These shops most often sell branded products.
(a) Store
(b) Mall
(c) Department
(d) Shop
► (b) Mall

17. People assessed the market depends upon following factors except
(a) Advertisement
(b) Convenience
(c) Credit given
(d) Availability
► (a) Advertisement

18. Spinning mill buys the
(a) Bales
(b) Fabric
(c) Thread
(d) Cotton
► (a) Bales

19. Weekly shop Traders
(a) set up shops for the month and then close them up after month
(b) set up shops for the week and then close them up after week
(c) set up permanent shops
(d) set up shops for the day and then close them up in the evening
► (d) set up shops for the day and then close them up in the evening

20. Why are branded goods are preferred over non branded goods
(a) They have brand name
(b) They are sold in the mall
(c) Charge high price
(d) Claim of better qualities
► (d) Claim of better qualities

21. In recent times goods are also sold through advanced means such as
(a) Internet and Home delivery
(b) Radio and newspaper
(c) Internet and Radio
(d) Advertisement and TV
► (a) Internet and Home delivery

22. In which market goods are sold and purchase in large quantity
(a) Wholesale market
(b) International market
(c) National market
(d) Retail market
► (a) Wholesale market
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