MCQ Questions for Class 6 History: Ch 6 Kingdoms, Kings and an Early Republic

MCQ Questions for Class 6 History: Ch 6 Kingdoms, Kings and an Early Republic

1. Who worked as a farmers in the agriculture field
(a) Dass, Landless people, Women
(b) King, Purohit, Women
(c) Dass, Shudras, Vaishyas
(d) Dass, Brahmins, Kshatriyas
► (a) Dass, Landless people, Women

2. Small states ruled by the tribals were called
(a) Village
(b) Mahajanapadas
(c) Maharuler
(d) Janapadas
► (d) Janapadas

3. The farmers gave one-sixth of their produce to the king which was called
(a) Bhaga
(b) Part
(c) Hissa
(d) Bhora
► (a) Bhaga

4. Who was son of Bimbisara
(a) Ashoka
(b) Ajatshatru
(c) Nanda
(d) Maurya
► (b) Ajatshatru

5. Who was the founder of Nanda Dynasty
(a) Mahanara Nanda
(b) Mahapadma Nanda
(c) Maha Nanda
(d) Padma Nanda
► (b) Mahapadma Nanda

6. Champa was a great port in
(a) Anga
(b) Magadha
(c) Kuru
(d) Malla
► (a) Anga

7. Who was the central figure in the Ashvamedha sacrifice
(a) Ministers
(b) Purohit
(c) King
(d) Soldiers
► (c) King

8. Which of the following is not a Mahajanapadas
(a) Magadha
(b) Inamgaon
(c) Avanti
(d) Kamboj
► (b) Inamgaon

9. Which among the following is not capital of big cities of that period
(a) Pawa
(b) Champa
(c) Rajgriha
(d) Anga
► (d) Anga

10. Who can not participate in horse sacrifice
(a) Shudras
(b) Vaishya
(c) Kshatriyas
(d) Brahmins
► (a) Shudras

11. ____ had a large deposits of iron-ore
(a) Malla
(b) Vajji
(c) Magadha
(d) Ujjayini
► (c) Magadha

12. A form of government in which the power is held by the people or a group of elected person or an elected chief is called
(a) Autocratic
(b) Oligopoly
(c) Republic
(d) Military
► (c) Republic

13. Magadha and ___ are examples of monarchical mahajanapadas
(a) Shakyas
(b) Lichchhavis
(c) Vajji
(d) Vatsa
► (d) Vatsa

14. Amatya means
(a) Purohits
(b) Kings
(c) Ministers
(d) Farmers
► (c) Ministers

15. ____ means unquestioned control over an area in which the royal horse move uninterrupted
(a) Shermedha
(b) Ashvamedha
(c) Singhmedha
(d) Shatriyas
► (b) Ashvamedha

16. Spices and precious stones came to Magadha from
(a) Texila
(b) Ujjayini
(c) South India
(d) Punjab
► (c) South India

17. Classification of society into four groups on the basis of their occupation is called
(a) Vajja
(b) Vista
(c) Varna
(d) Vedas
► (c) Varna

18. Chhotanagpur Plateau has been rich in
(a) Iron-ore
(b) Aluminium-ore
(c) Coal-ore
(d) Gold-ore
► (a) Iron-ore

19. How much of the produce was collected as tax
(a) one-third part
(b) one-fifth part
(c) one-sixth part
(d) half part
► (c) one-sixth part

20. Which of the following is not among the four varnas
(a) Shakti
(b) Brahmin
(c) Vaishyas
(d) Kshatriyas
► (a) Shakti
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