MCQ Questions for Class 6 Civics: Ch 5 Panchayati Raj

MCQ Questions for Class 6 Civics: Ch 5 Panchayati Raj

1. The Gram Panchayat has a Secretary who is also the Secretary of the
(a) District
(b) Gram Sabha
(c) Village
(d) Gram Block
► (b) Gram Sabha

2. How many villages are there in India approximately
(a) Seven Lakh
(b) Two lakh
(c) Three lakh
(d) Six lakh
► (d) Six lakh

3. The Gram Panchayat is elected for
(a) Four years
(b) Five years
(c) Two years
(d) Six years
► (b) Five years

4. Job of contract workers are
(a) Safe
(b) Temporary
(c) Permanent
(d) Secured
► (b) Temporary

5. Why was Gangabai love respected
(a) For being lazy citizen
(b) For helping the poor
(c) For behaving rudely
(d) For her being active citizen
► (d) For her being active citizen

6. Who takes the complicated decisions that affect the entire city
(a) A group of doctors
(b) A group of ministers
(c) A group of lawyers
(d) A group of councillors
► (d) A group of councillors

7. The ______ that takes care of street lights, garbage collection, water supply, keeping the streets and the market clean
(a) Block
(b) Gram Panchayat
(c) Municipal Council
(d) Municipal Corporation
► (d) Municipal Corporation

8. Surat had a plague in 1994 because
(a) It was a dirtiest city
(b) It was densely populated
(c) It a cleanest city
(d) It was political city
► (a) It was a dirtiest city

9. District collector is also known as
(a) Landowner
(b) Superintendent
(c) District Magistrate
(d) Zamindar
► (c) District Magistrate

10. Where did Mohan go after being beaten up by Raghu
(a) Clinic
(b) Home
(c) Police station
(d) Hospital
► (c) Police station

11. What was the occupation of Mohan's friends
(a) Running's post office
(b) Running's a clinic
(c) Running's Chemist shop
(d) Running's A readymade shop
► (a) Running's post office

12. While the _____ Committees and the councillors decide on issues, the Commissioner and the ____ implement these.
(a) Administrative staff, Lawyer
(b) Councillor, administrative staff
(c) Commissioner, Councillor
(d) Administrative staff, Mayor
► (b) Councillor, administrative staff

13. To whom did Mohan meet at the police station to complain about what had happened with him
(a) SHO
(b) HO
(c) SI
(d) ASI
► (a) SHO

14. The big city like Delhi is divided into several
(a) District
(b) Sections
(c) Segments
(d) Wards
► (a) District

15. All the members of the Gram Sabha also elect a Sarpanch who is the Panchayat
(a) President
(b) Prime-Minister
(c) Minister
(d) Vice President
► (a) President

16. Urban Adminstration is divided into
(a) Section
(b) Block
(c) Wards
(d) District
► (c) Wards

17. Who is the head of the Tehsil
(a) Lekhpal
(b) Mayor
(c) Tehsildar
(d) BDO
► (c) Tehsildar

18. Who plays an important role in keeping an eye on the elected representatives and in making them responsible to the persons who elected them
(a) Zila parishad
(b) Janpad
(c) Gram Sabha
(d) Gram Panchayat
► (c) Gram Sabha
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