MCQ Questions for Class 10 English: A Tiger in the Zoo First Flight

MCQ Questions for Class 10 English: A Tiger in the Zoo

1. How does the tiger feel in the cage?
(a) he was in sad mood
(b) he was in happy mood
(c) he was in angry mood
(d) he was in surprised
► (c) he was in angry mood

2. Where should the tiger hide to himself?
(a) behind the tree
(b) in the shadow
(c) in the house
(d) in the jungle
► (b) in the shadow

3. How does the tiger walk in the cage?
(a) With sadness
(b) With Happiness
(c) With confusion
(d) With pride
► (d) With pride

4. Who passes near the water hole?
(a) Fat Pig
(b) Fat Buffalo
(c) Fat Deer
(d) All of the Above
► (c) Fat Deer

5. How should the tiger walk through the grass?
(a) With great difficulty
(b) With ease
(c) With practice
(d) None of the Above
► (b) With ease

6. How does the caged tiger react to the visitors?
(a) He ignores them
(b) With a happy face
(c) With a sad face
(d) Proudly
► (a) He ignores them

7. Where is the tiger’s strength locked?
(a) behind the jungle
(b) behind the bars
(c) behind his nature
(d) None of the Above
► (b) behind the bars

8. How do the eyes of the tiger look?
(a) Sad
(b) brilliant
(c) dark
(d) Light
► (b) brilliant

9. What sound does the tiger near at night?
(a) Patrolling cars
(b) Flowing river
(c) Truck Horn
(d) All of the Above
► (a) Patrolling cars

10. At what does the tiger look at in night?
(a) Patrolling cars
(b) His House
(c) Stars
(d) All of the Above
► (c) Stars
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