Download CBSE Official Class 12th Board Examination Datesheet for 2020 Session

Datesheet for Class 12 Board Examination for 2020 has been released by CBSE. The official website has given an update regarding the date of start of examination which is 15th February 2020. After the release of latest and updated datesheet for class 12, students can now start preparing for exams more seriously. Class 12 is very important for a student as it shape their future. Obtaining good marks could help the students in getting fair rank in JEE or NEET.

Details of CBSE Class 12 Board Examination for 2020

DetailsInformation for the exam
Name of the ExaminationCBSE Class 12 Board Examination for 2020 conducted by CBSE, New Delhi
New AnnouncementDatesheet released for class 12 board
Date of Start of examination15th February 2020

For doing quick look on the chapters, we have prepared revision notes for class 12. One can rely on these well prepared notes of studyrankers to prepare for their examination. They don't need to waste time in preparing different notes. In this meantime, they should rather focus on revising the already prepared notes. This will save their time.

Also, students should go through NCERT books thoroughly as it will help them in understanding the chapter. For textbooks solutions, you can brwose NCERT solutions for Class 12 which will help in revising questions and answers. Sometimes, it happens that questions are not asked directly from the given textbook. For this, our expert faculty have also prepared important questions and answers for class 12 which help you in going through the complete chapter in quick time.
  • Details for Practical Examination: The practical examination will be held from 1 January 2020, to 7 February 7 2020.
  • Timing for written examination: 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM
The examination will start from 15th February 2020 and will end on 20th March 2020. There will be total 34 days in which examination will be taken.

Schedule for the Main Examination for class 12 Board

DateDayList of Subjects
20 February 2020ThursdayPAINTING
22 February 2020SaturdayPSYCHOLOGY
24 February 2020MondayPHYSICAL EDUCATION
25 February 2020TuesdayENTREPRENEURSHIP
27 February 2020ThursdayENGLSIH ELECTIVE – N
2 March 2020MondayPHYSICS
3 March 2020TuesdayHISTORY
5 March 2020ThursdayACCOUNTANCY
7 March 2020SaturdayCHEMISTRY
13 March 2020FridayECONOMICS
14 March 2020SaturdayBIOLOGY
17 March 2020TuesdayMATHEMATICS
20 March 2020FridayHINDI ELECTIVE
21 March 2020SaturdayINFORMATICS PRAC.
23 March 2020MondayGEOGRAPHY
24 March 2020TuesdayBUSINESS STUDIES
26 March 2020ThursdayHOME SCIENCE
28 March 2020SaturdayBIOTECHNOLOGY
30 March 2020MondaySOCIOLOGY

Below is the datesheet of CBSE class 12 board examination of 2020.

Note for the examination:
  1. The duration of time for each paper has been indicated in the date-sheet. 
  2. Duration of time for each subject/paper as given on the question paper be followed meticulously. 
  3. Answer books would be distributed to candidates between 10.00 - 10.15 A.M. 
  4. Candidates would write their particulars on the answer book. 
  5. Particulars shall be checked and signed by Assistant Superintendent(s). 
  6. Question paper will be distributed at 10.15. A.M. 
  7. From 10.15 A.M. - 10.30 A.M. (15 minutes), candidates shall read the question paper. 
  8. Candidates would plan proper strategy to write the answers. 
  9. At 10:30 A.M., candidates will start writing the answers. 
  10. No enquiries about date of declaration of result shall be attended to.
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