Download CBSE Official Class 10 Board Examination Datesheet for 2020 Session

The official website of CBSE has released the datesheet for CBSE class 10 Board examination for 2020. This was the most awaited news for the students who are taking board examination for class 10 in the year of 2020. There are about 19 lakhs candidates who will take the cbse board examination for class 10.

Details of CBSE Class 10 Board Examination for 2020

Details Information for the exam
Name of the Examination CBSE Class 10 Board Examination for 2020 conducted by CBSE, New Delhi
New Announcement Datesheet released for class 10 board
Official website
Date of Start of examination 15th February 2020

During this time, students need to focus on their studies and mostly rely on revision notes for class 10 provided by studyrankers. You can browse and read from these well prepared revision notes by our faculty. This time CBSE has also made some changes in the pattern of question papers as released by them. The new pattern of question paper for class 10 board exam 2020 is also available on our website. One can take help from these for the reference for the new pattern of question papers.

Students also need to take a look on ncert solutions for class 10 and extra questions for class 10 which are prepared on the latest pattern. These days one should not take much stress about their performance rather they should focus on their studies. Also, taking rest is advisable.
  • Details for Practical Examination: The practical examination will be held from 1 January 2020, to 7 February 7 2020.
  • Timing for written examination: 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM
The examination will start from 15th February 2020 and will end on 20th March 2020. There will be total 34 days in which examination will be taken.

Schedule for the Main Examination for class 10 Board

Date Day List of Subjects
20 February 2020 Thursday INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
26 February 2020 Wednesday ENGLISH COMM.
29 February 2020 Saturday HINDI COURSE-A
4 March 2020 Wednesday SCIENCE THEORY
7 March 2020 Saturday SANSKRIT
12 March 2020 Thursday MATHEMATICS STANDARD
18 March 2020 Wednesday SOCIAL SCIENCE

Below is the datesheet of CBSE class 10 board examination of 2020.

Note for the examination:
  1. The duration of time for each paper has been indicated in the date-sheet. 
  2. Duration of time for each subject/paper as given on the question paper be followed meticulously. 
  3. Answer books would be distributed to candidates between 10.00 - 10.15 A.M. 
  4. Candidates would write their particulars on the answer book. 
  5. Particulars shall be checked and signed by Assistant Superintendent(s). 
  6. Question paper will be distributed at 10.15. A.M. 
  7. From 10.15 A.M. - 10.30 A.M. (15 minutes), candidates shall read the question paper. 
  8. Candidates would plan proper strategy to write the answers. 
  9. At 10:30 A.M., candidates will start writing the answers. 
  10. No enquiries about date of declaration of result shall be attended to.
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