French Revolution Mind Map - Class 9th History

Behind French Revolution, there were various social, political, economic causes. This revolutions ended monarchy in France and introduced constitutional monarchy and then republic. But it was for short time, Napoleon Bonaparte again became rule of France in 1804.

In this mindmap, different important events are listed that happened during French Revolution.
French Revolution Mind Map
French Society during Late Eighteenth Century

The Struggle to Survive

• Increase in population.
• Increased demand for foodgrains.
• Price of bread rose.
• Low wages of workers.

How Subsistence Crisis 

• Bad harvest.
• Increase in the price of bread.
• Wages did not keep pace with increase in prices.
• Widened gap between the rich & the poor.

A Growing Middle Class

•  Peasants & workers participated in revolts against increasing taxes.
• Social groups emerged.
• Earnings through overseas trade, manufacture of woollen & silk textiles.
• Philosophers emerged.
→ John Locke 
► Criticised the divine & absolute right of the monarch.
→ Rousseau
► Government based on social contract between people and their representatives.
→ Montesquieu
► Proposed division of power within the govt. between the legislative, the executive & the judiciary.

Outbreak of the Revolution

• Power was distributed among the legislature, the executive and the judiciary.
• Rights like right to life, freedom of speech equality before law, etc., were introduced.

France abolishes Monarchy and becomes a Republic

The Reign of Terror

• Robespierre’s rule in France was known as ‘Reign of Terror’
• Laws placing a maximum ceiling on wages & prices were issued.

A Directory rules France.

Did Women have a Revolution?

• Women started their own political clubs and news-papers to voice their interests.

The Abolition of Slavery

 • Slavery was abolished in French colonies in 1848.

The Revolution and Everyday Life

• Laws to translate the ideals of liberty and equality into everyday practice.

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