Revision Notes of Ch 13 Fun with Magnets Class 6th Science

Topics in the chapter

  • What is a magnet?
  • Types of magnets
  • What is magnetism? 
  • What is magnetic field?
  • Magnetic poles
  • Properties of a magnet
  • Uses of magnet
  • Attraction and Repulsion

What is Magnet?

→ A material or objects that have property of attraction or pull force for ferromagnetic materials like iron, cobalt, nickel etc. is called magnets.

→ Magnets attract Ferromagnetic materials like Iron towards it.

→ Magnets also attract and repel other magnets.

→ Applications of attraction property of magnets in day to day life are – Refrigerator doors, pencil boxes or purses with magnetic closure buttons, iron separator from waste etc.

Types of Magnets

(i) Natural magnets: Those magnets which found naturally and have low magnetic power is called natural magnets.
Example: magnetite, lodestone.

(ii) Artificial magnets: Magnets which is made by humans and have a strong magnetic power with different shapes.
Example: iron, nickel and cobalt

Magnetic and non-magnetic material

(i) Magnetic material

→ Materials which are attracted towards a magnet are called magnetic materials.

→ Example: iron, nickel

(ii) Non-magnetic materials

→ Materials which do not attracted towards a magnet are called non-magnetic materials.

→ Example: zinc, wood etc.

What is magnetism? 

→ It is a property of magnet in which magnet is attract things made up of Iron, Cobalt or Nickel is known as magnetism.

What is magnetic field?

→ The area of magnet in which magnetic force is exerted to attract iron is known as magnetic field.

Magnetic poles

→ It is end part of the magnet where the magnetic force is concentrated are called magnetic poles.

→ Magnet has 2 poles.

(i) North Pole: When one pole of the magnet always points towards north. This is known as north-pole.

(ii) South Pole: When one pole of the magnet always points towards south. This is known as south-pole.

Properties of magnet

→ Magnet attract magnetic materials
→ Same poles repel each other, different poles attract each other
→ The freely suspended magnet always rests in N-S direction.

Uses of magnet

→ It is used in a compass to find the direction.

→ It is used for lifting heavy masses of iron

→ Used by surgeons to remove steel splinters from the wounds

→ It is used in electric bells and telephones etc.

Finding directions using Magnet

→ A freely suspended magnet always comes to rest in North-South direction. In olden days this property has been used to find directions.

→ Compass is used to find directions.

Attraction and Repulsion

• Magnets attract iron but can attract and repel another magnet.

→ Like or same poles of two magnets when brought closer, they repel each other.

→ Example: South Pole of one magnet repels South Pole of other.

• Unlike or different poles of two magnets when brought closer, they attract each other.

→ Example: South Pole of one magnet attracts North Pole of other.
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