Summary of Chapter 6 The Browning Version Hornbill CBSE Class 11 NCERT English

Summary of the Chapter

 This one-act-play is a story of two school teachers and a student named Taplow. Mr. Crocker-Harris is a middle aged teacher while Mr. Frank is a young colleague of Mr. Harris. Taplow is a student of lower fifth class. He is a boy of 16. Both the teachers provide a striking contrast. They have only one thing in common. They belong to the same school.

Summary of The Browning Version Class 11 Hornbill

Young Frank is quite open to his students. He doesn't keep any distance while dealing with them. Taplow is not a student of his class. But still he takes a lot of interest in him. His long conversation with Taplow reveals his open nature. On the other hand, Mr. Crocker-Harris is quite reserved. He doesn't mix up with his students. He maintains a respectable distance with them.

Mr. Frank doesn't believe in observing formalities. He cares little regarding rules and regulations. Mr. Crocker-Harris follows them.

Mr. Crocker-Harris is feared and even respected. He has a wonderful hold over his students. They are scared of him. Mr. Frank admits that he is envious of Mr. Crocker-Harris. Perhaps he lacks that 'effect' which Harris has left over his students. Mr. Frank encourages Taplow to criticise Crocker-Harris. Actually, he urges him to imitate Harris. This clearly reveals the working of his mind. He even asks Taplow to 'cut' Crocker-Harris. He lacks Harris' devotion. He teaches science but shows no interest in his subject. This shows his lack of dedication and commitment towards his profession.

Summary of The Browning Version Class 11 Hornbill

Taplow says that Crocker-Harris is shriveled inside like a nut. It is quite true. He is not open. He doesn't like flattery. Nor does he like anyone who likes him. He is a hard task-master. He gives extra work to Taplow even on the last day of school. This he does to punish Taplow for being absent for a day last week. Sometimes he cracks jokes. His 'classical' jokes lack humour. No one understands them except him. They are as dry and humourless as he himself is. But in spite of everything he likes Crocker-Harris. Taplow, however, praises Frank as a teacher. He says that he is young.

Millie Crocker Millie Crocker is the wife of Crocker-Harris. She is a thin woman in her late thirties. She is rather more smartly dressed than the `general run of schoolmasters' wives'. Both Frank and Taplow feel her presence. Taplow feels uneasy. He fears that perhaps she heard him talking ill of Mr. Harris. She sends Taplow to a chemist. She agrees to take the blame on her in case Mr. Crocker-Harris comes in Taplow's absence.

Summary of The Browning Version Class 11 Hornbill

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