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Three textbooks on History, Geography and Civics are there in Class 6th Social Science. Each textbook deals with its subject field. This page will help you in finding NCERT Solutions of Class 6th Social Science which is given at the end of each chapter. The questions are for practising which will check your understanding of the chapter. In this page, you will find the number and type of questions that are given. The name of each textbook is provided through which you can browse NCERT Solutions.

NCERT Solutions of History Class 6th

NCERT Solutions of Geography Class 6th

NCERT Solutions of Civics Class 6th

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History NCERT Solutions Class 6th

There are total twelve chapters in the textbook which generally deals with the ancient Indian history. The book starts when human were merely gatherers and talks about the various kingdoms which came afterward. The first chapter talks about the dates, sources and events through which history is studied. In the second chapter, we will talk about the earliest phase of human life when they were gatherers. The third chapter will talk about the evolution of human from gathering food to growing food. The fourth chapter is focused on Indus valley civilisation while the fifth chapter is about Vedic civilisation. The sixth chapter talks about the republic and how the kingdoms started taking shape. The seventh chapter details the works of religious literature in brief. The eighth chapter is about the great emperor, Ashoka. Next chapter talks about the villages and towns of ancient times. The tenth chapter deals with the trading and pilgrims activities in ancient times. The eleventh chapter is about the rise of new kingdoms and empires in ancient India. The last chapter talks about the architectural and literary aspects of ancient India.

Geography NCERT Solutions Class 6th

In this textbook, we are mainly learning about the physical and India geography. There are eight chapters given in which first six chapters are part of physical geography while another two are focused on Indian geography. The first chapter is about the solar system of which our earth is part of. The second chapter will give you the concept of the globe. Next chapter talks about the motions of the earth. The fourth chapter is about maps. In the fifth chapter, we will talk about the major domains of the earth like lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere. In the next chapter, we will study about major landforms of the earth. In another next two chapter, we will talk about the location, features, climate, vegetation and wildlife of India.

Civics NCERT Solutions Class 6th

There are nine chapters divided under four units. In the first unit, we will try to understand diversity and how it affect us. The second unit will introduce us to the government and their elements. The third unit is focused on local government and administration. In the last unit we will discuss the rural and urban livelihoods.

Notes of Social Science Class 6th

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