Extra Questions for Class 10th: Ch 16 Sustainable Management of Natural Resources (Science) Important Questions Answer Included

Very Short Answer Questions (VSAQs): 1 Mark

Q1. State any two disadvantages of constructing dam.
(i) It affects bio-diversity.
(ii) It forces people to re habitat. 

Q2. Why fossil fuels should be used judiciously?
It is because these resources are limited, non-renewable and polluting.

Q3. What are 3 R’s used to save environment?
Reduce, Recycle and Reuse.

Q4. Define non-renewable sources of energy.
Non-renewable energy sources are which cannot be replaced easily when they get exhausted and are also called conventional sources of energy. Example : Fossil Fuels.

Q5. State one reason for the conservation of forest and wildlife.  
The conservation of forest and wildlife is necessary to restore the ecological balance.

Short Answer Questions-I (SAQs-I) : 2 Marks

Q1. For the conservation of forest who can be a stakeholder.


(i) The people who live in or around forest.
(ii) The forest department of the government.
(iii) The industrialists.
(iv) The wildlife and nature enthusiasts who want to conserve nature

Q2. "Reuse is better than recycling of materials". Give reason to justify this statement.


Reuse refers to the use of the same material again and again. In reuse of materials no energy is consumed and the resources are saved. In recycling certain used materials are converted into other useful materials. In recycling of materials, energy is consumed and the resources may be wasted.

Q3. Why are forests called as biodiversity hot spots?


Biodiversity hot-spot means a place where large number of species are found. Forests satisfy this criteria. In forest we can find variety of species of both flora and fauna. The range of different life forms i.e., bacteria, fungi, ferns, flowering plants, variety of animals likes, insects, birds, reptiles, aves, mammals etc. are all found in the forest.

Q4. Name the products of combustion of coal and petroleum. How do they effect our environment?


CO2 , H2O, oxides of sulphur and nitrogen are released from the combustion of coal and petroleum.
Effect on environment:
(i) CO2 — Green house effect, global warming.
(ii) Oxides of sulphur and nitrogen causes acid rain.

Q5. What are the advantages of water stored in ground?


(i) Water stored in ground does not evaporate.
(ii) It can be Recharges wells.

Short Answer Questions-II (SAQs-II) : 3 Marks

Q1. How does recycling of waste materials help in ecological balance? Write two causes with examples.


Recycling of waste materials can help in maintaining ecological balance in the following ways :

(i) By recycling the biodegradable wastes the nutrients present in them are returned to the nutrients pool of the environment like water and soil. These are reabsorbed by plants and utilised e.g. biogas from cow dung provide large amount of energy and the residue acts as a good manure.

(ii) Certain non-biodegradable waste like rubber and plastic pose serious disposal problems. Such substances can be recycled to manufacture usable articles. e.g. recycling of used polythene and aluminum foils.

Q2. Write three ways in which an individual can contribute in sustainable management of resources?


The three ways in which an individual can contribute in sustainable development are as under:

By sharing rides: People can share there rides with neighbours when there destination is nearby. This will reduce the consumption of petrol.

By using Led Bulbs: The Led Bulbs are having much less power consumption compared to electric bulbs. Thus, by using Led bulbs we can reduce the carbon emission

Afforestation: Planting trees will help to protect environment. Thus, the ecological balance will be maintained which has been compromised by the exploitation of fossil fuels.

Long Answer Questions (LAQs) : 5 Marks

Q1. What are fossil fuels? How are they formed? Why should we use them judiciously?


Fossil fuels are obtained from the remains of plants and animals which got burried under the earth some millions of year ago. They changed into fuel due to tremendous heat and pressure.
The fossil fuels should be used judiciously because they are non-renewable resources, and can not be made again. It releases harmful and polluting gases like CO2, which causes green house effect and oxides of nitrogen and sulphur which causes acid rain.

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