Extra Questions for Class 10th: Ch 14 Sources of Energy (Science) Important Questions Answer Included

Very Short Answer Questions (VSAQs): 1 Mark

Q1. Why thermal power points are set up near coal fields?
Transporting electricity is easier than transporting coal required for electricity generation in thermal power point.

Q2. Write one disadvantage of Hydroelectricity?
A large number of re habitation has to be done.

Q3. How the bi product of bio-gas plant is used?
It is used as fertilizer.

Q4. Write one drawback of nuclear power plant?
It generates radio activity which is dangerous for health.

Q5. How energy is converted from one form to another in wind energy generation?
Mechanical energy of rotatory blade  is converted into electrical energy.

Short Answer Questions-I (SAQs-I): 2 Marks

Q1. Why tidal energy is not exploited on a commercial scale?


Only few available sites suitable for building tidal dams and less efficiency of the plants based on energy of tides, make it non-feasible to exploit tidal energy commercially. 

Q2. It is advantageous to convert bio-mass into a bio-gas rather than burning bio-mass directly. How?


(i) The efficiency of bio-gas is much more than bio-mass.
(ii) The by product is used as fertilizers.

Q3. What is nuclear waste? What are the hazard of nuclear wastes?


The nuclear waste is spent or used fuels – the uranium. It decays into Sub atomic particles in form of radiations. These radiations are bad for health.

Q4. How wood is converted into charcoal? Why Charcoal is preferred over wood?


Wood is converted into charcoal by heating wood in absence of air. Charcoal is better than wood because it is more efficient source of energy.

Q5. Write two reasons why we should move for non-conventional Sources of energy?


(i) The conventional sources, basically fossil fuels are limited in stock.
(ii) The non-conventional sources have better environmental performances.

Short Answer Questions-I (SAQs-II): 3 Marks

Q1. Write three qualities of an ideal source of Energy.


(1) Efficiency: The source of energy should be efficient. The energy generation per unit amount of source of energy used should be high. 
(2) Eco-friendly: The source of energy should not harm environment by polluting air, water and soil.
(3) Easily storable and transferable: The source of energy should be easier to get stored and transferred to one place to another.

Q2. If energy cannot be created and destroyed, why we talk about energy crises?


It is true that energy cannot be created and destroyed, but we need to be concern about energy crises.  This is because :
(a) We have to convert energy in usable form and we not use it directly from environment.
(b) Any source of energy is not 100% efficient, so energy get lost in unusable form.
(c) Some source of energies are non- renewable and exhaustible which cannot be used again.

Q3 Name the process by which nuclear energy is generated? Also name one substance required for generation of nuclear energy. Write one advantage and one disadvantage of using Nuclear energy.


The process is nuclear fission. One Substances require for generation is uranium
Advantage : (i) For a given amount of fuel, the amount of energy released is extraordinarily large.
 Disadvantage : (i) Improper nuclear waste storage and disposal result in environmental contamination. 

Q4.  List two ways in which animal dung can be utilized as a fuel. Out of these two which one do you think is better? Justify your answer.


Two ways in which animal dung can be utilized are:
(i) as cowdung cakes.
(ii) By processing cowdung and converted into bio-gas.
Biogas is better than cow dung cakes because it has high heating capacity and non-polluting as it burns without smoke and leaves no residue like ash. By product in the process is a good manure for fields.

Q5. State three advantages of using charcoal as fuel.


(i) Charcoal has more efficiency of energy generation as compared to wood.
(ii) Charcoal releases less smoke on burning and hence does much less air pollution than wood.
(iii) It is easier to transport charcoal than wood.

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