Latest CBSE Class 11th Syllabus of Geography 2018-19

CBSE has released the CBSE Class 11th Syllabus of Geography (Code No. 029) for the session 2018-19. The new session has started and board updated the new syllabus. There is no change made in the syllabus and exam pattern.

The question paper will be of 70 marks. Practical Work will be conducted of 30 marks.

The Question paper will consist of 22 questions. All questions would be compulsory. No Chapterwise weightage, care to be taken to cover chapters in both books.

S. No.
Part AFundamentals of Physical Geography
Part BIndia-Physical Environment
Part CPractical Work


Part A - Fundamentals of Physical Geography

• Unit-1: Geography as a discipline
• Unit-2: The Earth
• Unit-3: Landforms
• Unit-4: Climate
• Unit-5: Water (Oceans)
• Unit-6: Life on the Earth
• Map and diagram: 5 Marks

Part B - India-Physical Environment

• Unit-7: Introduction
• Unit-8: Physiography
• Unit-9: Climate, vegetation and soil
• Unit-10: Natural hazards and Disasters
• Map and diagram: 5 Marks

Part C - Practical Work

• Unit-1: Fundamentals of Maps
• Unit-2: Topographic and Weather Maps
• Practical Record Book and Viva : 5 Marks

* Viva to be based on Practical Unit I and II only.

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