Summary of Glimpses of India-Coorg (Quick Revision Notes and Word Meanings) First Flight Class 10

Summary of the Chapter

Coorg is a piece of heaven in midway between Mysore and the coastal town of Mangalore. It is the smallest district of Karnataka. It is a hilly place of brave men, beautiful women and wild creatures. It is also known by the name of ‘Kodagu’. We can reach Coorg from Mangalore, Bangalore, or Mysore by rail, road or by air.

Coorg is the home of evergreen forests, spices and coffee plantations. It rains heavily during the monsoons and the visitors keep away. But the months from September to March are very pleasant. The air breathes of refreshing coffee.

The Coorg people live a life of complete independence. It is believed that they are descended from the Greeks or the Arabs. According to the Greek theory, it is said that a part of Alexander’s army found it impossible to go back and was left here. These people married among the locals. The martial traditions of the Greeks, their marriage and religious rites are quite visible among the Coorg people. According to Arab theory, the Kuppia (A long black coat with an embroidered belt) worn by the Kodavus resembles the Kuffia worn by the Arabs and the Kurds.

Summary of Coorg Class 10 First Flight

Kodavus or Coorgis are known for their bravery and hospitality. The Coorg regiment of the Indian Army has won many bravery awards. General Cariappa, the first chief of the Indian Army was a Coorgi.

The river Kaveri obtains its water from the hills and forests of Coorg. The area is rich in wild life like elephants, kingfishers, squirrels,langurs and parrots. The most popular adventure sports are rafting, canoeing, rappelling, rock climbing and mountain biking. The Nisargadhama Island is a lovely island beyond the Brahmagiri hills. The Buddhist monks settled here give us a glimpse of the heart and soul of India.

Quick Revision Notes

• Coorg, the smallest district is situated between Mysore and Mangalore.

• It is situated in hills and inhabited by martial men and women.

• Coorg is also known as Kodagu.

• There are evergreen forests, spices and coffee plantations and colonial bungalows.

• The people are descendants of Greeks and Arabs.

• A story goes that a part of Alexander’s army stayed back and married local women. So, the present race is a mixture of both cultures.

• They wear long black coats, embroidered waists belts. Their dress relates them to Arabs and Kurds.

• The people are brave, hospitable and are proud to tell about the bravery of their forefathers.

• The Coorg Regiment is one of the most decorated in the Indian Army.

Summary of Coorg Class 10 First Flight

• The first Chief of the Indian Army, General Cariappa was a Coorgi.

• Kodavus are the only people in India permitted to carry firearms without a licence.

• The river Kaveri gets water from the hills of Coorg. A fish Mahasheer abounds in this water.

• Animals like Langurs drop partially eaten fruit in water. Kingfishers dive in it, elephants are bathed in it.

• River-rafting, travelling in a boat, rock-climbing make life adventurous.

• Wild elephants , butterflies and squirrels draw our attention.

• The entire Coorg can be seen by climbing Brahmgiri hills.

• The island of Nisargadham and Buddisht settlement at Bylakuppe are interesting places.
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