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Geography is the study of the landscape of the earth and its phenomena. The NCERT textbook 'Contemporary India I' introduced by CBSE in Class 9th wholly concerned about the Indian geography. The focus is on the providing information more about India such as its size and location, river systems, changes in temperature, climate and weather, natural vegetation and characteristics of the population. Each chapter is explained in a brief manner. To revise the concepts in short period time, we have provided the revision notes of Geography for Class 9th here. If you want to view the notes you can also use Notes of Geography for Class 9th in PDF. Click on the name of the chapters view the notes of that chapter.

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Class 9th Geography textbook consists of six chapters. In this textbook, we will study about India's size, its physical features, drainage, climate, natural vegetation, wildlife and population and its characteristics.

Let us look in some detail about each chapter:

Chapter 1 - India - Size and Location

The chapter tells the size and location of India on the globe or in the map. It also discusses the location of India with respect to the world and neighbours of India.

Chapter 2 - Physical Features of India

The chapter talks about the formation of various physical features of India such as mountains, deserts, plains, plateaus, coastal plains. It also details their characteristics.

Chapter 3 - Drainage

Drainage means the river system of an area. So, it is clear the chapter is about the various river systems present in India and their importance.

Chapter 4 - Climate

In this chapter, we will detail about the climate of India. We will see the factors which affect India's climate and have a detail about this.

Chapter 5 - Natural Vegetation and Wildlife

The chapter deals with the natural vegetation and wildlife present in India. It details the types of vegetation found in India such as tropical evergreen, tropical deciduous forests, montane forests and mangrove forests. It also gives information about the conservation steps taken for the wildlife and natural vegetation.

Chapter 6 - Population

In this chapter, we are mainly concerned with three questions about India's population. These are:
• Population size and distribution
• Population growth and processes of population change
• Characteristics or qualities of the population

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