Home Science CBSE Sample Paper 2017-18 Final Exam| Class 10th Solved Board Exam Paper

CBSE has released the Solved Sample Paper for 2017-18 Final ExamHome Science Sample Paper is given here.

Time Allowed: 3 Hours
Maximum Marks: 75

General Instructions:
1. This question paper contains five sections A, B, C, D and E.
2. In every section choice question is given.
3. Questions No. 1 to 8 are of 1 mark each and to be answered in one word or one sentence each.
4. Questions No. 9 to 16 are of 2 marks each and to be answered in approximately 20-30 words each.
5. Questions No. 17 to 19 are of 3 marks each and to be answered in approximately 30-50 words each.
6. Questions No. 20 to 27 are of 4 marks each and to be answered in approximately 60-80 words each.
7. Questions No. 28 to 32 are 5 marks each and to be answered in approximately 80-120 words each.

SECTION-A (7✖1=7)

Note- Attempt any 7 questions out of the given 8.

1. “The old age needs special care.” Justify this statement with the help of one example. (1)

2. List any two common features of childhood. 1

3. What will you do if an article is excessively blued in colour? 1

4. Define food hygiene. 1

5. What do you understand by the term dovetailing? 1

6. What is RDA? 1

7. Why is it important to sterilize dustbin? 1

8. List any two factors affecting the safety of food at home. 1

SECTION-B (72=14)

Note- Attempt any 7 questions out of the given 8.

9. How does play influence physical development of a child? Explain with two examples. 2

10. Write any four ways of reducing psychological fatigue. 2

11. Explain any two reasons of saving money in our lives, to your younger sister. 2

12. How can you keep your kitchen free from pests? Write any four points. 2

13. Discuss any four points that you would consider while planning balanced diet for a family. (2)

14. Expand FSSAI and draw its logo. 2

15. Define consumer education. List the names of any one government and one nongovernment agency, providing consumer education. 2

16. Write any four characteristics of Adulthood. 2

SECTION-C (23=6)

Note- Attempt any 2 questions out of the given 3.

17. Your mother has invited her friend for dinner. She wants to bring a variety in meals. Suggest any three ways of doing this to her. 3

18. Ms. Singh found holes in her silk saree which was stored in a box during summer season. Give three possible reasons for it. Write three precautions which we should take to avoid this problem. 3

19. What is the difference between Heavy, Moderate and Light work? Give one example of each. 3

SECTION-D (74=28)

Note- Attempt any 7 questions out of the given 8.

20. Explain any four advantages of meal planning to your mother. 4

21. You want to gift a readymade pant to your father on his birthday. Write four points you will check to ensure its quality. 4

22. Your grandmother has purchased 1litre vegetable oil from a local vendor. Name any one adulterant which may be present in it. Also write its harmful effect on human body. Describe the two rules which she should follow while buying any food product from the market. 4

23. State four rules of hygiene which you should follow while serving food. 4

24. What four precautions you will take while storing milk and milk products. 4

25. What four points you will observe regarding safety of a toy for two year old child. 4

26. Explain any four work simplification methods, with the help of suitable examples. 4

27. Guide your friend by detailing the procedure of removing old tea stain from white cotton shirt. Also guide him/her about the precautions to be followed while removing stains from any garment. 4

SECTION-E (45=20)

Note- Attempt any 4 questions out of the given 5.

28. Write three common problems faced by your classmate and suggest two ways to deal with these problems. (5)

29. What do you mean by family income? Differentiate between money income and real income. Give two examples of each. (5)

30. What is therapeutic diet? Explain its types based on consistency with one example of each. Write any two advantages of using therapeutic diet. (5)

31. You have to prepare for your board examination. Make a time plan for a day for yourself. Write any two advantages of making a time plan. (5)

32. Plan a sample menu for a day for your family and specify each food group included
in it. Name one major nutrient found in each food group. (5)

Answers of Home Science Sample Paper 2017-18

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