List of Novels prescribed by CBSE for Long Reading for class 9 to 12 Summary in Anglish and Hindi, Character Sketches and Questions and Answers

CBSE has prescribed English Novels for Long reading. According to the new curriculum of CBSE, a total of 10 marks question will be asked from the novels prescribed by CBSE for classes 9, 10, 11 and 12. Novels are introduced at each class for detailed reading and also to increase the reading and understanding habit of students. We have provided the list of novels by CBSE with summarised details in Hindi and English for all chapters. Students can read the novels on Studyrankers website and also learn character sketches and Question Answers which are important for Examination.

The following points need to be followed by CBSE schools for prescribing the Novels:

  • There are two novels prescribed at each level. The schools have the option to choose only one out of the two for writing the examination.
  • All the novels have been introduced in the unabridged form.
  • No publisher has been specified for the novels.

List of Prescribed novels by CBSE:

Class IX English Novels
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